I bought a DAP

After much deliberation I have decided to go for a DAP for portable and likely home headphone listening. Got a good deal from AMP3 on an iBasso DX160 which is a midrange player and gets lots of good feedback.

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Hello @CrystalGipsy

it looks great, it is on my watchlist…

How do you like it so far?

I sent it back as the WiFi performance was just abysmal.

It is a shame looks very nice…

So Hiby R5 or fiio m11 then?

I have a hyby r3 and for what it costs it is very good, especially with tidal in wifi mode …

R5 is likely my next attempt, M11 is a bit more than I want to pay and no MQA, but can’t find any on sale from UK outlet yet only direct from HiBy.

R5 looks cool as well, maybe you should check the new Sony as well, NW-A105, it is an Android dap as well, same price range

Sony’s don’t have a way round Android resampling when using streaming apps, it only works for their own music app so it’s a big no for me.

:small_blue_diamond:I have an IBasso DX200,.it works without any problems.
I’m actually waiting for the new DX220.


Some Fiio products will be announced tomorrow 28.12 maybe a new DAP:)

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