I bought a uniti star, I’m so happy

Does anyone else have a star?

What’s your experiences using the app?


Welcome, glad to hear you are enjoying it! The app is fantastic. Works like a breeze (Atom here).

That’s good to hear, I get a few glitches, but on the whole it’s good most of the time.

What’s the Atom like?

With the NAP 200 better than anything I had before (Marantz Premium, Kenwood L-1000, Esoteric, AVM, Classé, etc.). I love it. And the family as well as it is so easy to use.

That must sound amazing, I hope you and your family continue to enjoy the sounds.

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I have had a Star for about a year now and have mixed feelings. I got it primarily to rip my CD collection. Annoyingly having spent many hours ripping CDs to a USB hardrive I have found lots of tracks with dropouts despite having “no errors”. I’m currently trying a different hardrive to confirm it’s that and not the Star. The ongoing issue of the freezing display is becoming a bit of a farce, with promised fixes with each firmware update.
If these problems get sorted I will be more than happy with my Star but at the moment I’m reserving judgment!

2canoe, are you in touch with Naim support about your Star?

Oh dear sorry to hear that, yes I bought the star also for cd ripping mainly, as well as playback.

I tried to format a usb to rip the other day, but it failed and so I’ve have ordered a new one.

Fingers crossed.

If it becomes glitchy I usually turn it off and on from the mains and it’s fine. I had to do this cause it wasn’t turning off properly!

Hopefully they fix these issues in future

Appreciate your reply

I am sending system info files downloaded from the Star to support every time the screen locks. But they suggest the dropouts are related to my USB hardrive.

Have you tried a different USB drive?

Currently ripping to a new drive, so far so good, fingers crossed!

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I rip to an SD card at the moment and it is fine, not a particuarly fast one, unlike photography you don’t need hight cards speed for audio files. However, will shortly have to migrate to an SSD I think as space is running out on it.

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