I got so bored I posted a YouTube video of my system

Well, it’s a Bank Holiday.

So I switched on the film function on the iPad - something I’ve not done before - and uploaded a video of my system to YouTube - another thing I’ve not done before.

It already has 2 Likes - one of them was from my son.


Good idea Jim. You could have commented your system for people not knowing your components. Maybe I will do it one day.

I did describe the system, but the sound on the mic was so low it’s quite hard to hear.

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Try with a camera perhaps.
I hear a voice, but can’t understand what is said. I thought it was a part of the music.

I am eating outside, in a restaurant table, the restaurant is closed. Self isolation 24/24 with my wife is not always easy .


Yes, it’s like being at sea with one’s own family.

No exit, as Sartre once said.

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In 1989 I rode my motorbike down to Fontainbleu forest for a long weekend to go camping and bouldering with my girlfriend.

I think that’s near where you live…

hey my video now has 14 views
it’s vying with Trump and Justin Bieber in the Twit-sphere

it’s literally a virus video


Yes, maybe 60 km of Fontainebleau. Very nice place indeed. But very touristic today, because of the castle.
As for beach, I can’t stay more than 1 hour. Get quickly bored and hot.

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If you reach 500 k, no need to work after :rofl:

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Jim, I have also some videos on YouTube. Here is Ahmad Jamal in Nice, in 2012.
I am not a pro, but it can be seen on a tv.

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Nice idea JD.

What’s the album?

Well you have got 7 likes now JD.

Your NAP150 sounds like it is digging deep!

Nice one.

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Naim prowess with piano comes through. Impressive! Nick

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A very calming voice!

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I’m more bored than you Jim. I couldn’t even be arsed to do that. :joy::joy::joy:

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Not two, Not one.
Bley, Peacock and Motian.
A corker!

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I wish I had time to be bore! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Well done Jim! Despite what many say about it being impossible to hear how a system sounds through YouTube on a phone or tablet I can definitely get a good sense of yours and it sounds great!

I’ve often wondered why more Naim isn’t posted on YouTube. For example wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone could post a video of how to properly set up SL2s or the Fraim or how to dress Naim cables. We read about these things and everyone does their best to interpret what the words mean but it’s never quite the same as seeing it.

Look forward to your next one!!




Jim I played your You Tube video via my mobile with Beats headphones on and your setup sounds rather good :+1:thanks for posting.

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