I had a change of plans I ordered a new P3

A couple of weeks ago I was seeking advice on a new Phono preamp for my Dynavector xx2 mkii. it seems that a lot of people recommended getting the new P75 mkIV . I cant seem to find one in stock in the US at the current time so I’ll wait it out. My P75 II works well.

In the mean time…

Rega released the P3 50th anniversary edition and I figured what would be better for playing my 50th anniversary copy of DSOTM. My wife will love that bit of justification. So I ordered one for my second system to replace my Fluance RT85.

The problem is the system goes in an odd little hall closet with built in shelves. The shelves are not level. close but not perfect. This is not a problem with with the TR85 as it has adjustable feet. The P3 on the other hand does not. So my options are replace the stock feet with after market feet. Or buy /build a platform with adjustable feet.
What say you?


really?? How about just shimming one side.


DV phono mk IV out of stock everywhere even here in Australia where manufactured

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Yeah I know, but shims always seemed a bit sloppy to me. It’s an OCD thing.

I’ve used old business cards as shims for years. Very easy.


Why not just level the shelf?

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I used small coins (UK 1/2p), to level my LP12 many years ago, before it got a dedicated stand.

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Don’t make things over complicated - as the others here already suggested: try to level the shelve itself or use shims as an alternative.

Personally, I wouldn’t change the feet of equipment because I consider these as a part of the design …

Leave the feet as they are, I’d agree with everyone else and default to the Keep It Simple approach!

Could you accomodate a Rega wall bracket as an option and remove that existing
fixed shelf?

Maybe a photo of the slopey surface will help us here. (spirit level awaits)

I use a glass or marble plinth on a shelf and level the plinth with appropriate hard rubber blocks. Edit. I have tried using brass or copper washers but found they added something of a ring to the sound. Solid brass shims may be an option though.

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