I have £1000 burning a hole in my pocket!

HiCap is an absolute must - no point going any further at this stage

Hang on! My entire system (minus RP3/Rega Fono) was £1100 secondhand - UQ2-NAP100-Dyn DM2/7.
Stonking bang-per-buck though :grinning:

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Has to be a (pre-loved) Hicap DR - as a precursor to trading the 200 for a 250 DR later.

Any upgrades will be pointless if you’re using a power amplifier that requires servicing.

The EE8 switch is new to me? Thanks. Will have to read a few reviews on it. I’m guess you found the £500 ish worth it though?

Watch the thread on it. Maybe 20 happy users of it here. I went for Uptone Etheregen instead, was a great add. Now an Innuos PhoenixNet, but it’s another story.

If I had a £1000 it would probably be burning a hole in my wife’s pocket!! :smirk:


With the system you have I would put the money towards upgrading the mains block. Quality in = quality out. Mains noise is a real hindrance and when it’s gone or reduced it allows the DAC and Amp to perform at their best. The music sounds clearer and more natural.

I have a Puritan psm136 + mains lead (about £1300) and it made a real difference!

Ask your electrician for a quote to install a dedicated radial mains power supply, to a unswitched plug socket, where you have your hifi.

(For details to share with an Electrician, just search the forum for specifications, etc.)

We had this done in our new house. Now that it’s all “burned in”, can honestly say it was worth every penny.

Good luck



Save it to service and repair your Naim system.

This is what I would do in this order:

  1. The NAP200 simply has to have a service.
  2. Dedicated mains radial if possible
  3. Hicap DR

I would agree with bluesfan and dedicated mains is a bargain upgrade.

Yes that is what I would do in that order.
I do not know the mains conditioner that you are using, but I would also avoid these. My general and not so exhaustive experience is that they “impede” the Naim equipment and a low impedance mains connection is the best. Unlucky if you live in an area with bad mains…

Bluesfan doesn’t have Naim gear anymore. But I am sure he is aware of that. He had a lot of Naim components before.
I remember he has something like a balanced transformer.
I love responding for others :grin::rofl:

Thank you FR!

The office system uses a Naim DAC-V1 and NAP140 to drive PMC DB1i speakers.
The dining room system is a Muso QB, so we still have Naim.

The living room system is powered by a dedicated 10mm2 mains radial with an Airlink Transformers 5120MP 5kVA balanced power supply, which we found to be wholly beneficial for our CDS3/555PS, 52/SC/135 Naim system.

Best regards, BF

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Ah yes balanced transformers and the common mode rejection discussions.
I remember those discussions very well and having massive rating transformers to cure the mains issue.
I can’t say, but has to be better than using mains conditioners (whoops now I’m generalising)

Hicap DR

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Just went in for a NAP200 service at Class A Audio. Will report back on sound improvements from that!


Presumably that still leaves you with £750ish :blush:

And now on the look out for a secondhand Hicap DR :+1:

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