I have 2 different SNAIC’s : which is newer?

I Currently have 2 black SNAIC’s. one is about to be traded in as I upgrade from a Stageline to Urika. I want to keep the newer one for the 552, but I’m keen to confirm which this is. I’m assuming it’s the shiny black sheath with the writing on it, but can anyone confirm please?

There is an article in faq’s of this forum about identifying Naim cables. If I read it correctly the lower one in your picture is the early one. Please also read the bit about “fake snaics”.


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Thanks Graeme. I’m certainly hoping neither is a fake since both are dealer supplied.
Maybe the easier question for me to ask is could some kind person who has purchased a 552 in the last few years please take a look at the SNAIC it was supplied with and let me know if it looks like either of the 2 in my original picture and if so, which one it is? pretty please… :slightly_smiling_face:

My recently bought snaic resembles the bottom one ie has “naim snaic” written on it.

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Perfect! Thanks Robert. Case closed! :+1:

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