I having problems backing up my Uniti Core

I need an incremental backup. I have tried my USB hard drive at both the front and the back of the Uniti Core. It has done a full backup and a couple of incremental backups for me in the past. Now it refuses to do a backup. When I ask it to do a backup, it says no backup drive. I’ve taken this backup drive to my desktop computer and find it very readable. What could be the problem? I would actually like to do a full backup and I don’t have a lot of time to get it done.

I have put in a new drive for backing up. It said it needed to format the drive. Then it said there was no local drive.
How in the world am I to do a backup under these circumstances?
When I really need to do a backup.

Hi Janet

When the Core stops doing incremental backups, it’s usually an indication that you need to do a full power off restart of your Core.

So turn it off with a long press of the front panel button, then once it’s off pull out the mains power lead, wait 30 seconds or so and then put the power lead back in again. The Core should start itself up and once it’s finished doing that, you can try your backup again using your ordinary back up drive and this time it will be incremental.

If you put a completely new disc for backup, it will offer to format it and it will do a full backup. But after that it will be incremental.

Hope this helps (I have had this happen to me and recently I explained this to someone else and it worked for them too).


David to my rescue again! Thank you so much!
I’m getting my backup right now! Whew. I needed this for something I’m planning to do tomorrow.

I gave up doing backups from the Core. I just use my desktop computer to copy the files to a separate hard drive. If the drive on the Core dies i assume i would just a) replace the drive, b) copy the files from the separate hard drive to the Core, c) run the reindex overnight and all should be good. At least i hope that would work.

You are making a couple of assumptions here that may or may not be valid (others can comment I’m sure). If you have nothing but download files, you may be fine, but what about any rips in the music folder? How do you back those up on your PC? Also, if the Core is not fully working to spec, then a backup from an external drive may or may not work. I would suggest that the best option is to get the Core working as it should. It’s a very good product in my opinion and normally works very smoothly, although it could use a firmware update or so.

I agree. The Core backup and restore works very well and it’s easy to use a USB SSD as a backup destination. Of course you can also automate a backup to a NAS, but I never thought it was worth bothering with that.

Cephas i download the files in both the Music and Downloads folders.

I wrote to Naim Audio Support about a number of issues I was having when I switched from NS01 to Core earlier this year. They responded very quickly with a number of solutions and detailed explanations. However, one of the suggestions was to power off and back on again as described by David. Since that sounded far easier than all the other possible solutions, I tried that first. Lo and behold, all the issues were resolved!

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You probably wouldn’t be able to recreate the Music/MQ folder because it is locked and the Music Store has a specific identity created by the Core. So you are just doing it the wrong way, frankly.

David question … do you have a large store on your Core? Mine has almost 7tb of data on an 8tb drive and the Core backup was frankly hopeless. 2 days after starting sort of froze in the process. Did this multiple times to no avail. However that was 3-4 years ago when i bought it…maybe now it can handle a large store?

No I have a 2 TB SSD in my Core and it’s only about half full.

It should cope with up to 8TB internally (as Naim has tested that) and it will do an incremental backup, so if something goes wrong, you should be able to just restart the backup and it will continue where it left off.

I don’t think anything has changed in the Core itself, although there have been multiple firmware updates. Did you try a different drive to backup to? It is slow incidentally so two days or more for a full backup or restore is normal if you a drive that large.

If it were me, I would have a smaller internal drive and keep most of the music on a NAS, which you can define as a Music Share in the Core setup.

Although why anyone needs 8TB of music beats me!

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We have ALL our music on a NAS, with this defined as the Core music store. Works perfectly, no internal storage needed and automatic backup to cloud.

Also means we can use Asset and not the woeful server built into the Core :laughing:

Yes you can of course do that too.

The Core’s upnp server works fine and isn’t in my opinion woeful at all. If you use the Core the way you say, then you are just using it as a ripper and I wonder why you have a Core at all?

Anyway each to their own.

Because SWMBO wouldn’t use a laptop….

I jump into this conversation as I’m a bout to make my 1st backup…
But I need a clarification here…
Echolane speaks of incremental, but further in the post davidhendon speaks of differential backup.
In the Uniti Core support page there’s nothing about settings…

I meant incremental. I will go and edit it in a moment.

Anyway you don’t have to set it. The first backup to that location is always a full backup and all subsequent backups to that location are incremental.

OK, but will this incremental also delete folders (in Downloads) that have been deleted ?


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David ‘why anyone needs 8tb of music beats me’.

Ok i’ll bite.

Loads of cds, an acquaintance who records lots of live shows with permission and gives me copies, tons of live music loaded from archive.net at cd or hires 24 bit quality, album hi-res rips of my collection a friend does for me, lots of mp3 concerts available on the net with permission, hi-res music i bought such as the ‘lost recordings’ series, and a lot more. There is so much great music out there…thats what i bought this equipment for…to enjoy as much if it as i can.

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