I know, I know, but when will my 252 sound optimal

Hi my fellow forumiites,

Just been a recent purchaser of a 252 (2 weeks-ish ago)

It joins my NDX2 + XPSDR, SL interconnect, 252 + SuperCap, 250DR, SL lead, Core, full Fraim, PowerLine on everything, plus SuperLumina cables to S600’s.

SQ wise all was on track for most of the last week or so. I have had my expectations truly managed by my local dealer about the periods of everything sounding off. I have been playing the system at low level every night for the last 13 days.

But goodness me, ever since the firmware update of my NDX2 from an SQ perspective everything has deteriorated. Painful to listen to.

Surely it must get better? Any Naim owners with similar systems who can reassure me post update?



I cannot answer your question but congrats on a top flight set. I’m sure it will come good.


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Have you tried turning the power off to the NDX2 for a few minutes and then turning back on. It should not sound that awful?

@Hamiltonnz had my 252 just under a year now, I went from 282/SC to 252 and thought what have i done?

the 252 from new took around 4 weeks to settle in, my sources are NDX and LP12 - play the LP12 around 90% of the time

I was told around month - 6 weeks and the music arrives

what I can say is when that day arrives WOW! the 252 demands a lot from source but gives back, I was lisening to one of my favorite albums at the weekend So which I purchased from society of sound when released - half speed the musical seperation delivery and focus was truly outstanding

enjoy the music, there will be plenty!!! of it soon

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I’d give it a month. It will probably sound even better after two. But you say the FW update for your NDX2 was the event that turned it round. It sounds like your 252 is not to blame. This time next month you will know.

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Not sure I would blame the 252 either. Burn in and warm up can be overstated at times. The 252 will always sound good imo. It is a wide open window both to set up and sources so I would look elsewhere, at least to start with. Good luck!

I would definitely do what @Gazza recommended. There was also talk of doing a “power reset” on the NDX-2 after the firmware update on another thread but forgot which.

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