I’m Back

Years ago I had a Naim system consisting of a Naim 5i (italic) int amp and a 5i (italic) cdp using a pair of harbeth bookshelves. Decking to try something new I moved to a Arcam neosolo all in one unit, then moved to a McIntosh system with a Rega Jupiter cdp and Totem model 1 speakers, then moved to a Luxman ux505 integrated amp and VPI scout turntable and finally to a Nuprime ID8 integrated amp and Martin Logan motion 15 speakers.
I always regretted leaving the Naim sound. And after years I finally for under $2000 Canadian dollars have returned. Naim 5i (non-italic) int amp, CD5 and flatcap with the Martin Logan bookshelves. Sound is incredible. The Martin Logan ribbon tweeter is incredible. Sound it detailed but full and surprising there is some decent bass to these incredibly small bookshelves.
Here’s a few pics…
I put the flatcap on the amp as I was worried about the weight of both the cdp and flatcap on the shelf.


Welcome back home my lad.

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Happy days!

Out of interest, what do you prefer about the Naim setup?

Welcome back. :+1:

Naim just seems to do it right, in all places… The simplicity and the natural sound. Nothing trying to be more then it is… music. All previous makes I had sounded good but seemed to be missing something… the best lesson I learned was leaving and trying other units…


Until one has strayed from the righteous path, one does not know how good it is to come back.
As my old man used to say.


Can a phono stage be connected to a 5i int amp?


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Yes, but it will need it’s own power. A NAIT 5i can’t power phono stage via an AUX2 like the bigger integrateds and preamps.

Your pics show what is probably a flatcap 2 or flatcap 2x, in which case happy days in respect of a Naim Stageline phono stage. One half of your flatcap can power your CD5 (as now) and the other half a Stageline. The signal would be fed back to the Nait 5i with a Naim 4-5 pin interconnect.

Welcome back.

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Could not agree more, Had an Accuphase E-470 And Gryphon Diablo with an assortment of hi end speakers and exotic cables,
Now with Naim Nova and ATC SCM20ASL with Isotek Aquarius,
Absolutely stunningingly good

I have a 5i-2 version which i’m really happy with, will connecting a flatcap (whatever it is) do anything to the sound, and can it be connected to the 5i-2.
I’m using a Yamaha cds-1000 cdp which is also superb.

I’m no expert that’s for sure…but
I presious,y had an 5i italic and the one downfall with the entry level is there is no ability to add the additions…
Please someone comment as well to confirm…

FC will not work with 5i

No. None of the variants of the flatcap (a separate power supply) can power a Nait 5i-2.

The forum loves a sinner come to repentence…

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Yeah i thought so as there’s no extra outputs on the back to connect up, i thought maybe an external power unit could plug into the amps iec and power it that way but apparently not, thanks.

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