I need a 2nd Streamer - Any ideas please

Dear all,

I am in need of a second streamer for an office system, I have a DAC with USB/optical/SPIDF input, and active speakers but it would be nice to have a decent streamer rather than the RPi that I currently use and loath.

I use Tidal and access music on a NAS which can run bubbleupnp

Ideally, the user interface would be ‘like’ the Linn Kazoo or the Naim app. I don’t want to spend too much! say £600 - £800, any ideas?

How about a used UnitiQute? It has a pre-amp output, would allow your to multiroom to the SU and use the Naim app and you could lose the DAC.

I did wonder about a Unitiqute, I suppose that would be a nice little package. As for the RPi, I have used it with Volumio and so far i have corrupted three microSD cards! I don’t know how I do it, but they are all borked. I couldn’t get it to work as a roon endpoint, it just isn’t idiot proof enough for me!

I did wonder about the small Project streamers but I’m not sure what the user interface is on those. The Rpi has made me deeply suspicious of any thing computer like that doesn’t have a display or buttons!

The Yamaha MusicCast WXC-50 could be a good bet. I use the lower WXAD-10 model on a second system and it works really well. I wonder if the 50 would be more flexible though as it has outputs for a DAC and is also a pre-amp.

Second vote for a Unitiqute 2. It’s a nice little box, but is grown up inside.



There is a plenty of Slim Devices (Logitech) Transporters, new 1/2 or less MSRP.


I need to look at these thank you, and Quinn is the Logitech device a ‘Squeezebox’?

Hey i just noticed the photo you posted, that look neat!

The Slim Devices Transporter has a large community dedicated to developing plug-ins and macros, and it is a Roon endpoint.

I think Logitech bought it from Sean Adams and may have rebranded to something ‘Squeezebox’.

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How about a Sonore ultrarendu?

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actually ND5XS2… but you will have to increase the money

Aurarlic Aries Mini or Primare Prisma ?

I use a Project Streambox myself for a USB source for my Headphone system. Great little box but I only use it as a Roon Endpoint so I can’t comment on how well it works with Tidal and it’s interface.

Thanks for the ideas, it’s the interface that bothers me as much as SQ

Please let us know which one you decide? I am also interested in a cheap (but good) streamer.

I had demoing a Primare SC15 Prisma for a week. The Prisma supports Tidal.
Now I have the small NP5 Prisma - works with Tidal as well.

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That’s good then. Primare could do with updating their website !

I have 4 pi’s all running as Roon Endpoints not one has ever corrupted. Use something like Ropieee it runs in Ram so cant damage the card easily. It’s also a doddle to set up.

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Ah that’s the program Ropieee, I couldn’t get that to work, I am a bit useless with IT! Actually I only corrupted two cards my colleague,who borrowed it managed to corrupt the third one!

I now have a stock of micro SD cards just in case I decide to use the RPi ever again.

I have 3 RPI’s but never had the SD card corruption problem, I have heard about it though. Ropieee or GentooPlayer can run in ram and are almost plug and play. Not for everyone for sure, good luck with your search.
I must say that the NP5 Prisma that @IvoB is using looks nice, not used it though. Maybe something you might want to try out.
Another thought, there is the Bluesound Node 2i which should meet your price target and has a decent app.

Very limited experience so far. I received it two days ago. Still have to order BJC Cat6a cables. For the moment my MacMini & Audirvana+ from another room is playing music up to 24/192 kHz over WiFi which is not the best option. In this case I use the app of Audirvana which see the Prisma device.
The NP5 Prisma is connected to my Primare SP32 AV processor providing network player features.
What I have discovered is that the USB external hard drive option is not good. In the manual is written that should work with external drives up to 2 GB but in reality there are problems seeing/reading the files. Even from an USB pen.
You can operate the Prisma with the Prmare app, or Tidal one, or Spotify one, etc. Supports Airplay. And this device is working with any DAC/receiver/amplifier with digital input - coaxial or optical.

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Primare NP5 Prisma - playing and streaming

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 23.25.51

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 23.26.07