I need help to select XPS for my NDX

Dear all,
I just purchased a second hand naim NDX and I checked the serial number from [naim.com] and understood that my product was produced in 2013.

I am looking for second hand XPS power supply. Can I get any XPS that was manufactured between 1998 and 2012 and also XPS DR that has been manufactured since 2013? Are those all OK to get?

Thank you very much,

Welcome to the forum Erk.

For an NDX you’ll need at least an XPS2, which arrived in 2002. The earlier olive XPS cannot be used with the NDX. Any XPS2 or XPS DR is fine though, but we aware that power supplies should be serviced every 10 years or so to maintain optimum performance.

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The other thing you should check is the firmware version of the NDX. The current version is 4.7 and you should upgrade to that if your’s is on a lower version. You can check easily in the app, under settings (the gearwheel) and about.



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Thank you very much Richard, I will check the serial number and get a newer nix, and I will also check the maintanance situation with a local service.

Appreciate the information, thank you.

Thank you very much David, I did the version check at the first step :smiley:
Appreciate the information, thank you,

It’s easy to forget that the NDX was produced back in the day when Naim provided proper manuals which contained pretty much all the information you needed to run your system……

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Thank you very much. I read this in the manual but I needed to be sure, I was confused becouse there are options like NDX, NDX 2, NDX DR.

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