i-Pad App won't find NAS

My ND5XS has worked almost flawlessly for years, however I’m having a problem playing music from my NAS, which is hard wired and connected via a switch and ethernet cable. Nothing has changed with the way it’s connected.
The app on my i-Pad shows the player and I can control and play radio stations and Tidal through the app however it just won’t show the NAS. I’ve re-started everything, updated software and deleted and re-installed the app on the i-pad but it still it won’t find the NAS.
The strange thing is that I have the app on my i-phone as well and that works perfectly.
Any ideas? Seems like it may be an issue with the i-Pad (5th generation), but it seems strange that other app functions are still working.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
Thanks, Nigel

Maybe something related with DHCP setting on your Nas. Perhaps something has changed with a last update of your Nas ?

Try and turn power off on your router, then iPad, then start router, and after at least 10 mins, start the iPad
As mentioned, may well be a dhcp issue. Alternative I think there is a network reset you can do on the iPad

I doubt very much it’s a DHCP issue, DHCP doesn’t have issues with domestic setups.
It may well be an issue if the OP doesn’t have DHCP enabled & is messing with ‘fixed’ IP’s.

Thanks for the responses. Not sure why but after turning it all off again, leaving it overnight and restarting it all this morning, it’s working again!

Anyway, I don’t need to understand it, as long as I have music!

Thanks again


Make sense if DHCP or the app got mixed up somewhere along the line, Good ending :slight_smile:

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I have often wondered how Digital can be very Analogue sometimes

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