I prefer it with the preamp on the top

I’ve swapped the positions of my CD5XS and NAC152XS on my single stack of Isoblue. My NAC is now on the top, the CD player on the next shelf down.

This is preferable it but find it hard to put into words why. Something about the way the music flows?

I know this sort of topic is old news for many but I pass on the info just in case it’s useful.

Best to All, C.

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It does make cable dressing easier. :smile:

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And as always…if it works for you…it’s right!!

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Thanks both.

I’ve noticed that the CD player runs far warmer now that it is enclosed on the second shelf down. But I’m not bothered though because it sounds great.

My experience, too, @Christopher_M . I tried a few combinations with my old 282 and the head unit always performed best at the top of the ‘brain’ rack.

I also keep both my 282 and 252 on the top shelves of their respective racks.
Somehow this setup sounds all right :slightly_smiling_face:

I just rearranged my brains rack for 282 on top, NDX2 below it, and under that a phonostage on a med level. That made it easier/better for dressing the HiLine and other cables.

Aesthetically it has to be CD/NAC/DAC for me but each to their own, if you are tallish then easier to load CD if on top

I’ve gone back on this and put the CD player back on the top. It’s just easier to use.

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