I radio continuous drop outs

Hi @Diver99 frustrating but first off, it’s been suggested before but try hard wired Qb to router with a cable. No wifi (save for control point) or ethernet over mains. If this only occurs on iRadio, then choose one beeb feed, one european and try one of the RP feeds from California, which is playing all day here, no issues, via FTTC. Let us know which you choose.
If you are FTTC then likely you are UK, who is your ISP, are you using the ISP router or are you Netgear from the entry point on?
For now, any lamps, IoT units connected to any part of your intranet? Sky Q perhaps?
Few more thoughts to follow.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Yes, I’m fibre to cabinet Virgin media broadband (measured at least 300Mb). The router is the virgin media one (latest). It’s Wi-Fi is off as I have a mesh system in the house.
We do have sky Q but it’s in standby when the Qb is working as I tend to use the Qb morning alarm then a few hours.
I’ll try dedicated Ethernet cable, just need to work out how best to get it from the study to the bedroom (opposite ends of the house). I can’t move the Qb as I would then change the times it’s being used (it wouldn’t be with me in that early morning period)

Ah, so appreciate your responses. I don’t have v b-b or Sky Q, but I asked about the later for a reason.

First though, if you can, just move the Qb and use a hard wire patch cable between it and the router - working out logistics of longer cables can follow later.
For the test though, unplug mains from the Sky Q box - do you have more than one, if so all?
Standby means its on, hence unplug. Don’t forget to ensure you will not miss any recordings!

I guess you are likely using Sky Q on wifi, is that so?

Ok, one further request, both for now and for any readers subsequently, whenever you say “latest”, that will only apply for a short time. A nuisance but if you simply state model, or version it helps anyone reading now or in the future, to fix on what the combinations are, to which you refer. Which model V-hub?

I did ask if you have any other items connect to your intranet - lamps or IoT connections, can you please confirm?

It is quite likely, since none of us in UK usually have total iRadio drop outs, that something is interacting to disrupt your Qb. While this drop out issue is frustrating, try and keep an open mind.

For the Qb hard wired test, you will have to leave wifi on, but make sure everything else in addition to tv/Sky is totally off and jusy one control point (tablet or phone).

I have an idea, but will wait to hear how you get on. What general geographical region are you?

Quite a few challenging things to do there! Switching off fully skyQ will need some discussion with wife. I had this brilliant idea about disconnecting it at times to save energy, but got into trouble when we missed a few of her important recordings. It’s now on standby, so will have to beg!
Also need to move the Qb to somewhere we can listen to it all the time on background otherwise I’ll not know if it loses feed.
I am in the SE/E England area. Small town, not too rural with good BB coverage.
The skyQ is dedicated Ethernet but the small sky repeater box (can’t remember what it’s called) is via wifi. Note that box is fully switched off when not in use and fully switched off when I get the iradio drop outs.
I’ll have to think through logistics over the weekend but am intrigued why you think SkyQ might be involved.
We don’t have any IOT devices except TV and that is also fully off at the mains when the drop outs occur.

I had intended to upgrade to Sky Q, but I have two boxes. Read through posts on sky forums and at least at one time, Sky’s wifi was the route of problems for many posters. (IIRC the remote box cannot be hard wired.)
If you have Sky Q main and a remote box, then the main box is putting out wifi. Doesn’t matter if the remote box is off. Now, I am not going to be definitive on the issue, but Sky is at least a starting point to see if you can resolve drop outs. Something somewhere is interrupting the communication between Qb and router.
To effectively troubleshoot, important to keep a very open mind. As long as it is hard wired to the router, stick the Qb anywhere for a trial period. If you find it challenging, ask RD to send me your email and number and I will try and talk you through it. Hope that all helps.

I’ll have a go, but as the Qb is still seeing drop outs when operating over Powerline (so not affected by sky box Wi-Fi) is it still likely the sky box is the cause?
I’ll have an idea how to reliably switch off the sky box and back on again so we don’t miss any recordings, so maybe I’ll give that a go first and see if things improve.
Let me play over the weekend

Everything comes back to your router so anything is possible, but powerlines and Sky in the mix, all need to be out of your intranet. Switching Sky needs to be totally off, with then a restart the router, to make sure it has been released. The virgin router, like many others which are intended for the home consumer, when problems arise, have limitations. Those are what frequently causes some connected items to work fine, whilst other things like your Qb, but there are other examples, to suffer dropouts.
Speed of connection and wifi specs are only a part of the equation. Once you can check Qb hard wired with nothing else connected, there is a strong possibility you won’t suffer dropouts. When you reach that stage, you will have a number of options. Wifi was always a slight weakness on Qb1, so posts ahead of mine suggested hardwiring direct to router.

Hi @Diver99, I have a Muso QB1 and have not suffered any iradio dropouts, at least on the BBC stations I listen to (mostly R3 and R4). So yesterday evening, as an experiment, I set an alarm on the QB and it worked perfectly this morning. OK that’s only one night, but I’ll keep it set for a couple more nights and report back if the alarm fails.

It does rather look like you have a network issue. FWIW, I run the Muso wirelessly and I have a single ISP-supplied FritzBox modem/router — no mesh setup.

I do hope you get this sorted soon, these issues can be so frustrating.


That would be great thanks.
Mine was also fine this morning. I had full drop outs on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning.
I have fitted a mechanical time switch to the SkyQ box so it is off a few hours around when the alarm goes and after we get up. That won’t affect the wife’s recordings!
I’ll monitor in this mode for a few days.
The intermittent nature makes it rather difficult to debug

Quick update. No drop outs over the weekend or Monday, Tuesday. This is with the power line Ethernet link. Hopefully this change from Wi-Fi has fixed it. Let’s see

Same here.


So could be the server behaving. Any case I’ll continue and hope it’s now resolved by the power line
Contrary to what I posted a little earlier in the thread I don’t have the sky box switched off on a time switch. Damn thing got stuck so sky box wasn’t on when wife wanted it! So, she won and it’s been on all the time!

Obviously not fixed. Qb fell off the network again (room lost) listening to BBC Radio 4 HD. Had to reboot Qb then immediately came back on
Note, not the same as my original problem which is room still on but lost stream
So, maybe time to try switch off of the sky box.

And again. That’s twice this morning over about an hour the Qb has vanished from the app rooms. Frustrating.

I have regular problems with iRadio, mainly trying to catch up with BBC programmes. Sometimes I have to go the podcast folder rather than on demand. It’s frustrating because I can stream via BBC sounds to my phone or iPad but not to a NDS or Unitiqute.

I had thought about casting to the Unitiqutes but that would leave without my phone or iPad as they are gathered together with my music server under the stairs.

Any ideas or solutions please?

No problems with iRadio and my UQ2.
How are your Naim streamers connected to your network - wifi or ethernet?
Do you connect to your ISP by FTTC or FTTP?
Casting is possible, provided you have a later model UQ2, since bluetooth was only introduced towards the end of the product run (the website doesn’t I think indicate that change).
I have two SUs and a UQ2, and only one SU has BT.

All connected by Ethernet @sound-hound
It’s fibre to premises then to a Cisco switch.
I’ve not tried to cast and I was wondering whether I could add the feeds to Roon but have not explored that option yet.

Hard wired is at least a good step to finding a reso. Any chance you could set something like one of the RP feeds from iRadio - in my kitchen all day I have it playing, no drop outs usually? I have set my UQ2 onto that and will see if it drops.
If it is a beeb only drops outs, then it may be that Naim can interact with V-tuner. I will look later to see who from Naim has previously posted on iRadio issues and the beeb. It may also be a settings issue in your router which is causing a time out. If you can find a widely used iRadio station that doesn’t drop, then I think that will help a great deal. I asked elsewhere this question, but do you have any IoT connected to your network, lights, white goods or sky Q maybe?

RP is fine and the whole audio system is on a dedicated radial circuit.
I recall some discussion about vtuner which I should revisit.

@Camphuw good to know that RP stream is ok. (My UQ has been streaming RP for two days w/o issue.) Might be worth looking at the app and see what firmware version you have on your UQ - is it a UQ or UQ2?
Perhaps you can isolate examples of a beeb stream which is dropping.

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