Rooting around in my bits and pieces box I unearthed an i-supply (230v -> 9VA at 50-60 Hz). It has a five pin output cable (with custom link to an old fashioned Apple connectIf. I recall it was a present to be used with my iPod back in late 1990’s.

Are there any uses I can put it to now a days?

IIRC Naim made three types. Mine is for a Stageline. There was one for a Headline. I’ve forgotten the third.

Presumably your customised iPod end could be changed appropriately for such a device.

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The third is the iPod one. So S, H and I. But no T.

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So … would it improve streaming of say a podcast from my iPhone or iPad?
IIRC I can get a new five pin to Apple connection made, but is it worth it?

No - don’t waste your money. I had one for my iPod back in the day. Flog it.

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I think there’s a reasonable demand for the S and H variants, but probably not for the I one you have. Worth checking to see if it can be converted caheaply enough for you to resell.

That’s what I thought after checking online.
Shame I don’t have anything that needs 9v supply.

Not so fast, daddy-o! Get yourself a record player and a Stageline, suddenly you’re a hipster :smiley::joy:

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