I suspect I'm a victim of industry hype

Recently needed to upgrade my mobile device, so I noticed all the plaudits for the onboard DAC in the LG V30, every review praised it to the skies as being greatest thing since sliced bread.

Took the plunge after finding a bargain on ebay.

So after testing this apparently superduper onboard DAC with my B&W PX’s connected with Dragonfly ‘Golden Gate’ cable, I feel as though I’ve lost a quid and found a Euro.

There’s a big improvement over my old Samsung Note 4, but the weird thing is, it actually sounds better WITHOUT the DAC being engaged.

The PX’s run at 22ohms which allegedley makes them an ideal match for this DAC, and yet it seems to actually marginally degrade the sound.


On the upside, avoiding the DAC doesn’t drain the battery so swings and roundabouts I quess.

Ah… the headphones already have a DAC in them… :unamused::disappointed:

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