I trawl the megahertz

Rather a specialist question. Has anyone compared and contrasted the recent remix of paddy mcaloon’s I trawl the megahertz, with the original 2003 CD? I have the latter, but wonder whether the 2019 remix is worth the extra outlay? Many thanks.

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Great question, I too have the original and was wondering exactly the same thing.

Although I wish he had spent what appears to be his precious time letting us hear the 20 odd albums he claimed to have written and never released. Although despite the myth he has created surrounding them, it appears from recent interviews that they are far from complete and given his struggle with illness he doesn’t seem to have the impetus to finish them.

I’ve listened to it but cant compare it as don’t have the original. Thought it sounded lovely. I take it you don’t have Tidal or Qobuz as it’s on there to listen to.

I have the remastered cd and it sounds excellent. Sadly now don’t have the original to compare having loaned it to someone years ago who I’ve not seen since. Paddy MacAloon is true genius.

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