I’ve finally done it

At last, I’ve managed to get the 2093 albums on the memory stick into the back of the Nova to display the correct album art in the Naim app.
I’m happy to say that I’m OCD enough to hate the missing art folder symbol appearing anywhere in my collection and it has taken a while editing ID tags to get to this place. However it is so satisfying now I’ve done it.
How many of the rest of you are bothered by missing album art like I am?

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I can identify with that! I got an Astell and Kern SR15 recently and couldn’t get the artwork to load from Music/ITunes on my MacBook. A lot of investigation later I found that someone had written a little script that copied the a/w as a jpeg and added it to the folder with the music files. Now the a/w appears on the SR15 and I feel a ridiculous level of achievement.


I use PerfectTunes which comes as part of the dBPoweramp package for ripping CD’s. This works pretty well on the whole but some albums seem to persist at coming up without artwork, so they need a bit more individual attention and editing, to the point that, if the music is crap, I’d rather delete it than mess up my album art. Sad, isn’t it?

Now just remember to create a back up, before you loose all the work!!


I feel the satisfaction - and I’ve spent days carrying out the same exercise in the past - but would Roon not have been an alternative and sustainable answer here?

…I VERY rarely think about tagging - and like you it HAS to be right. Roon just sorts it out.

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I think if I’d had as many albums as you’ve got I’d have been pulling my hair out.

Already done :crossed_fingers:t2:

Roon did it in 20 minutes. And keeps it up to date.

I’m not saying you’ve just built a guitar out of matchsticks - but there are other ways to the same result! …am I as satisfied as you? …with the process - likely not - I can feel the joy of putting in the hard yards and getting it all as we want it to be - with the result - I’d say definitely.

(All assumes you are in the market for a music server/metadata management platform such as Roon, and don’t just stream direct from the USB!)


At a price though. I did try Roon out and I didn’t like what it did to the sound on my setup, giving a slightly flattter, more sterile sound than through my usb stick. I’ve also got used to using the Naim app now and it generally serves me well for my requirements.

That’s very interesting. I’ve only ever had a great expertise with Roon, and think it sounds great - if it has a “sound” at all.

On the Naim App - each to their own - I only use it to occasionally rename devices! …the best I can say it’s is seems better than it used to! …it’s great that it ticks your boxes - somebody is smiling in Salisbury!

Does Roon update the original files or just create a superficial layer?

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I believe (and I’m not an expert) that it maintains all the data in a separate database. Never touching the originals.

There are pros and cons of that approach clearly.

Roon is a great bit of software and if I was running it from a Roon server with a huge library it would definitely be the way to go. For my current collection a usb stick and the Naim app work fine. For any additional music I’m happy to subscribe to a streaming service to provide the artwork/artist info. I’d rather pay a subscription to have more music than a similar amount to feed what I already have, albeit in a much nicer way. Horses for courses.

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Yep im the same, i cant have one not showing the album art.

On a slightly related note is there a way in the naim app of me choosing what cover art i want for the artist? If i go into each artist they all have the album art for the individual albums but i want to be able to choose what it shows for the artist.

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I don’t think so.

I am… both missing or slightly incorrect imagery for the specific master.


Correct, and for any album, EP or track you tell Roon to use the native album images embedded in the file, or use its own separate imagery… obtained from the Roon meta data sources.

Either way the imagery is held in a separate database, and the original file meta data is untouched.

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Album Art I really like to be correct, as for other metadata I can’t really be bothered beyond Track Name/Album Name/Track Number - nice to have more with downloads or in Roon. Correct Genre is often important but with many things I think there can be a lot of crossover.

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