I want to add a power amp to SN3 to bring out the dynamics of my shanan ark 2 speakers. Should I go for a nap200 DR or a plain nap 250?

Hi there. So I want to add a power amp to my SN3
Should I go for a nap 200 DR or a plain nap 250.
After adding a graphic equaliser to my SN3 I realise I wasn’t getting the best out of my shanan arcs 2.
I want to sell the equaliser now I realise how dynamic my speakers can be. Would I get a similar dynamic sound with a power amp as I am doing using a equaliser?
Many thanks Adam

Deja vu, has anything else changed in your system since the recent thread?
You need the grunt of the 250; shahinians are not an easy load.

IIRC, later Arcs were a slightly easier load. In ay event, @robert_h 's advice looks dead right.

If you want to go further but understandably baulk at the cost of a new 250, never mind a 282, you could swap the SN3 for older 82/Hicap/250. An older 250 is not ideal (as he also says) but should still be stronger than a 200.

I agree that NDX2 with @robert_h 's comment that the NDX2 is a better source. However, several people here have upgraded the ND5XS2 by adding a second-hand outboard nDAC and report that that makes it about as good as an NDX2 - unless that NDX2 has the expensive PS as well…

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Why do we need a second thread on this?

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