I want to make a Statement!

Do you want to identify yourself ?

Richard, if this photo contains sensitive images of equipment, please delete.


Well I could tell you who that is in the foreground, but I will let him do that if he wants to. However I can say that it is in fact me almost completely but not quite blocked from sight by the handsome foreground person.

And of course Jason holding forth…



When I blow up the image the tag round the front geezers neck seems to say the word Gary…

Or Gazza…t

I own up its me…dreaming of Statement amps and the impending lunch. That was over a year ago when the forum visited HQ and a tour by Jason and the then MD Trevor Wilson. Great day out and good to meet the other forum members👍

Worth mentioning i had a Nova and Uniti Core at this point…it rapidly went down hill after the visit and subsequently purchased nd555/555ps/252/SC…you have been warned.


That is one heck of a transformer in the bottom compartment.

Anybody recognise their shoes ?

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When I visited nearly 2 years ago they had one on the bench which they allowed us to try lifting!


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Shoes have too much polish to be mine😁

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Very smart to place the transformator vertically - keeps a lot of radiation away from the more sensitive circuits.

S800 speakers?
Yes indeed after a google search.

Not mine, but I know who’s they are, don’t we David

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Gazza……looks like you are saying……‘go on then, how much?’

Exactly…and if you need to ask, you can,t afford it😥

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Hi Mike
Yes we do. It’s not hard to guess as I was also the only person wearing a suit that day…,

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If you’ve not been on a factory tour, you might have difficulty believing what this is !!!

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Their strategy is working!


The often-thought-mythical-but-it-really-exists Burndy shaker?

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Yep, I can confirm that it really does exist! The trip was fascinating and the naim folks could not have been more helpful trying to answer the spectrum of questions thrown at them throughout the day.


Cable shaker?

Does it put the hiss in?