I was convinced my 272 was running the latest software

Not sure how this happened. Yesterday I checked what version I was running on my 272 and it wasn’t the latest.
I have the latest software on my laptop so I had definitely downloaded it and I was convinced that I had installed it months ago. Maybe I forgot to reboot after installing or it just didn’t install correctly. Or I just forgot to do it🙄
Anyway it’s fully up to date now and maybe it’ll cure the periodic issue with Tidal.

Your post triggered me to look at mine, it’s on 4.6.00 … what would I gain by going through the hassle of upgrading to 4.7?

The main thing was a fix for Tidal where they had made a change at the server end which meant some tracks wouldn’t play on some (all?) Naim streamers. That is important if you use Tidal. Apart from that, from memory, there was a fix for a BBC World Service stream and a trivial typo fix for Uniti 2.



Not sure what the benefits are but I trust Naim to have created the update because it was required.
On the Naim website it does list what the update includes but I suspect they don’t list everything.
It’s a nice feeling knowing that my 272 is as up to date as is can be thus if I have any issues with it I know it’s not because it’s running on old software.

I checked the software version on my 272 a couple of weeks ago and noticed that I was one version out of date too.

But I use Tidal as my sole source and have had hardly any problems with it.

So I haven’t done it yet.

IIRC Tidal is not mentioned in the list of things the version fixes.

Or is it?

Did it sound different or has anyone noticed any difference?

How do you Change the software?

Is it via a memory stick, or via the network?


My 172 is stable so I have no plans to upgrade.

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That was my rationale for doing nothing too.

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The update is via a mini USB lead from a computer. The process is a bit archaic tbh, but the instructions provided are ok so long as you follow them closely.

Firmware can change the sound, and v4.6 was the one which IIRC people generally found to be a good upgrade on the 272. I remember others being less impressed with the difference on other models (NDS), but I and pretty much everyone else with a 272 who commented found it improved SQ. So if you’re on a version prior to 4.6, there’s arguably a good reason to update.

The most recent update wasn’t generally found to affect SQ, and just fixed some bugs, I believe. It’s often a good idea to stay current, but if you’re not experiencing any problems then there doesn’t seem to be all that much reason to worry about updating from 4.6 to 4.7. I haven’t bothered.

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Personally I think it’s a good idea to keep the software up to date and don’t understand why you wouldn’t do it but each to make their own decision.
I downloaded the update to my laptop and then connected the laptop to the update usb on the back of the 272.

cause if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

You don’t remember correctly! The list of fixes in 4.7 on the Naim website are:

  • Fixed: Some Tidal streams on the high quality setting with a .mp4 extension would fail to play
  • Fixed: Audio artefacts when playing MP3 56kb/s iRadio stations (BBC World Service)
  • Fixed: Glitches when playing iRadio station CJAD 800, Qobec
  • Fixed: d on Dirty Disk text capitalised (Uniti/Uniti2 only)
  • Fixed: Updating from older versions (v4.3.0 or older) will retain new features (DSD, Tidal etc.)



Ah, yes.
I suppose I didn’t count that as relevant to me as I only play Tidal hifi cd res files afaik.

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