I went to church and my 250 was dead when I came home

HI all,

I was listening to music this morning and went out for the day. I have just come home and the light on my 250 is out. I pushed the power in and out again a couple of times. (Needless to say it isn’t playing any sound either…)

Has anyone seen that sort of thing before? I assume that something in the power supply has failed while I was away. Do they have fuses? Or is it likely to be something more dire?


Yes, there is a fuse in the unit – and assume also the plug top if in the UK. Have you also checked the breaker/fuse on your house consumer unit feed?

If it is the fuse in the unit, you simply pull out the flap next to the IEC socket and you may seen a blown fuse (care glass may be broken). There should be a spare fuse in there, which simply clicks in – suggest get new one from dealer i.d.c. (if this is the issue).

There is a better way to hook the fuse up – doubtless await others here to inform.

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There is a fuse under a plastic cover by the Power cord connection on the amp, there should also be a spare fuse in there as well.


There are two fuses, one in the mains lead and the other in the back of the 250 in a pull-out carrier. In the carrier there is a live fuse and a spare.


You got off lightly if I went to church it’d probably cave in on me.


If it was hot it may have been the thermal trip. Leave it a while switched off then try switching on again when it’s cool.


God’s broom

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Someone, somewhere, is suggesting that it’s upgrade time.


:joy::rofl: quite possibly…. The world works in mysterious ways


I’m praying that my amps still work when I arrive home…


That’s rotten luck, hopefully it’s the thermal cutout.

Whatever the cause I’m sure it’ll be fixable either with time, a fuse or service.

Did you contribute to the church collection box on the way out if not bad karma :grin:

Joking aside I hope its a simple fix like the internal fuse or maybe the plug top fuse as suggested above.


I wonder what in the Naim of The Lord it could be?



That’s funny.

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Act of God?

Whatever, hope you get it sorted soon & easily.

Don’t forget to switch the N-Sub back on or you may be disappointed :rofl:

I think it’s just a coincidence :sweat_smile:

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Or synchronicity

Brilliant Pete :clap:t2::joy::joy:

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Don’t say that… he will be forever listening to ‘every breath you take….’ :flushed:

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