IBLs again

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I hope you are all doing ok.

I am again toying with the idea of buying some IBLs and have some questions that I wonder if the gurus could help me with;

  1. Can you still buy replacement drivers from Naim?
  2. Can you purchasse the correct velcro that was fitted from factory? Reason I ask is that on the pair I am looking at it’s been removed.
  3. Can you buy OEM grills? I know replacements are available but wondered if it was possible to get the originals.


The answer to 1 and 3 is no. There are loads of Velcro options and as it would be hidden it’s not critical. If the pair you are interested in need new drivers and grilles I wouldn’t even go there.

Ok thanks for that. I don’t think they do need drivers but it looks as if one has been replaced so it is more a case of setting my OCD by getting two new ones. Are replacements available even if not OEM?

No, the mid/bass drivers were specific to Naim, and latterly made by Naim themselves.

The tweeters were from Scanspeak and you can still buy these, albeit, not specially selected or matched by Naim.


I think they were fitted by Naim as matched pairs.

You can get replacement foam grills made. Try speakergrills. co.uk. He does IBLs amongst others.

I got some for my Rega Kytes and they are spot on.

Thanks chaps. So in short if a driver fails you are, how do i say it, effectively screwed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

IBLs were a lovely design, and would probably still sell well today. Rather like LS3/5As for grown ups.

How about an anniversary run in special finishes, Naim, perhaps?

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Not necessarily. You could always look out for another ropey pair to break for parts. I saw a pair in what looked like walnut recently for sale. The cabs looked OK, but the drivers appeared mismatched and the tweeters dimpled. They probably needed new tweeters at the very least, and who knows what the story was with the mismatched mid/bass drivers. At best I felt they were probably a pair for breaking as the cabs looked OK and weren’t black ash like so many.

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Naim can’t make speakers any more at the factory as the the space was badly needed for expansion of the electronics line. It wouldn’t make sense either as they’re now partnered with Focal.

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Thanks Richard. The pair you describe are the ones i’m looking at it. Annoyingly I did bid on them at the time and they sold for 165. The current owner wants 425 for them although I told him I know what they sold for and am not prepared to pay that! We shall see. If the drivers are going to be an issue then maybe i’m best to leave it. I’d love a nice set though.

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I reckoned around £150 was about right. The tweeters appeared puckered which is usually a sure sign they’re past their best. The mis-matched drivers were a concern. If the buyer has sorted them out and got them looking and sounding spot on (which will cost) then £425 is probably about right for a tip top pair.


If I were you, I’d wait for **BLs to become classics and the likes of Falcon or Volt to start manufacturing identical replacement drivers for them. Basically what happened with LS3/5as. If the world wasn’t a load of crazy sh1t, this is what should happen.
Best & seriously,

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Thanks both.

Isn’t the ‘bass/mid’ driver the same as the DBL one so DBL owners are equally stuffed if theirs fail?

Also the drivers look to be the same as those used in the Naim Axent centre speaker, is this correct or not?

They are seemingly similar in form, used the same KEF basket, but are slightly different inside - DBLs and NBLs are midranges and the Axent and Axess drivers have differing impedances.


Ah, of course they are not the same that would make life too easy! This is Naim after all :slight_smile:

Ok the walnut ones are sold anyway, gods knows how but someone must’ve paid seriously over the odds for them. Thanks.

OK, maybe just as well. As an aside I’ve made a small edit to your post - please note forum rules. Thanks.

As a total offshoot here… never having heard IBLs, how do they stack up against L*nn Kans?