IBLs again

It may need a replacement 4mm socket.

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I have the same issue with mine.

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I think because Naca is so stiff sometimes it can put strain on those connections if you don’t be sure to bend it so it naturally sits at 90 degrees if you see what I mean.

Has anyone on here got a set of them in natural wood finish and not black?

I’m tempted to make the IBLs perfect. Running them active makes a significant difference but too many boxes. I might try a class d-amp in the foot of the IBLs. There is significant space there to hide a small amp.

I ran mine active briefly using an Ixo and two Nap 180’s. Pretty amazing but the Ixo was a bit ropey so went back to passive. I was considering getting a new Snaxo 242 for them until the hammer blow of the price increase news broke.

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