Ideas for a Naim based system

Having been gifted a Naim Muso 2 for Christmas I’m now realising that my 35 year old Pioneer A400 based system really no longer cuts the mustard. Even for my wooden ears. I’m allowed to spend up to £5k on something a little more dynamic once we come out of lockdown and the stores reopen. Leaving aside speakers which are a question of personal choice and need a lot of listening to I’m rather struck with the idea of going to my local dealer to listen to a Nait XS3 with a flatcap and stageline to add a bit more grunt to the Nait. Or am I being stupid and is there a better way to spend the cost of those components? I’ll keep my Rega RP2 for the present time because I like it.

Any thoughts from Naim users would be very welcome.

The nait xs3 has already an mm phono stage inside. With a rega rp2, it’s probably enough.
What are your speakers?

It depends , the Uniti range of an Atom or Star with some small Neats would find favour with many , and just enough for a small Rega Fono

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If you simply want to play vinyl then the XS3 would be ideal. I’d be looking to swap the 2 for a 6 or 8, and then getting speakers with what’s left. The Nait has an MM phono stage but if you wanted MC you could get a Fono MC.

If my sums are right then the XS3 plus Flatcap plus stageline would cost a bit more then the Supernait 3, I’d definitely do an A/B, I suspect the SN3’s extra grunt will be a winner.
Although my personal view would be similar to HH above, also try the XS3 with a higher end Rega, I’m an old school source first type and I suspect the high end TT with a very fine amp will blow,you away.

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Loved my A400. It went to a loving home but I seriously regret it.

You could get into streaming with nd5xs2 and nait xs3…that would open a whole world of music

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Badger. Are we related?


A Nova or a used Superuniti might do the trick. You’ll have some pennies left over to get yourself a phono stage and maybe even a CD player.



I would go into a decent dealer and compare a Uniti Star or Nova against the Nait and see which you prefer sonically. I use a Star with my ancient but updated LP12 through a rega phono stage and RX3 speakers and am very happy with the sound quality.

What an amazing bunch you all are. First time I have used this forum and your responses have been incredibly helpful. Thank you.

He is the little son ?

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My Naim dealer said as much when I asked him about putting a Flatcap on the XS2. He said get a SN2 instead. So with £5k I think for vinyl playback I’d be looking at a pre-loved SN2 for about £1800, Rega Planar 6 Exact for £1259 and a Rega Fono MM for £200 leaving plenty in the budget for some speakers.


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