Identify the bands

Artic Monkeys

Ha that was fast!!!

Atomic Kitten

Thompson Twins, I posted this on the jokes thread a while back

I wondered if it had been up before… just too good not to share though.

Are we supposed to name only one at a time, or…? :wink:

No rules. Name away.

Pet Shop Boys, Oasis, TRex, Smashing Pumpkins.

Alice in Chains, Shed 7, Radiohead, Police, Zombies, Oasis, Four Tops, Pet Shop Boys, Texas, T. Rex, Rolling Stones, Guns n Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Cream, Beatles, Garbage, salt n pepper, B’witched, The Vines, Soungarden, Bucks Fizz, Cranberries

That was great fun, MrsT really enjoyed it and got most of my answers

White stripes, pearl jam, beetles


Is that the two men in bowler hats? Could you explain that one please?

One Direction.

Thomson & Thompson are characters in the Tintin adventures

They’re characters from the Tintin books, after which the band was named presumably.

Thanks. I’ve never seen a Tintin book.

I wonder what the flying witch represents, or the grapevine on the shed.

Yeah I’d like to know the same…

I think the witch might be B*Witched (terrible all girl band from ?90’s). There is an Australian rock band called The Vines

Ah, John posted them above - B’witched and the Vines.