Identifying music files no name showing

I am going through my CD collection with a view to putting some of them on my network. Frequently when I load them onto my computer the disc shows no title for the disc and simply “Track01” etc for the individual tracks rather than the name of the song/piece. Is there any software I can download which will supply the missing information. There’s not much point loading the CDs as they are at present

You should try DBpoweramp, this is a great bit of ripping software. The metadata you see when you play the ripped music on a streamer is automatically downloaded from an online database, although if it’s incorrect you can also edit manually.

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DbPoweramp will do a great job of ripping CDs and getting the metadata right. Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is a freeware program that does the same thing but the metadata it extracts isn’t as good as dbPoweramp and is considerably slower than dbPoweramp. If you have a lot off CDs to get through that speed makes a big difference. EAC might be free but how much value do you put on your time? DbPowerAmp is also far better at editing metadata post-rip than EAC.

If the tracks are already recorded then, rather than ripping again, you can use Musicbrainz Picard, which is generally pretty good.

Also try mp3tag; this can lookup data online and populate missing tags. You would need to select an album of tracks, the software then compares those say 10 tracks and their duration with data online and figures out which album it must be (and offers selection if there are duplicates).
Most of these ripper software /tag editors can do this, so pick the one you prefer or are using already (eg jriver doesn’t - for me at least - do this lookup very successfully)

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