Idle NAPSC thoughts for a cold and rainy day

Just wondering whether a DR version of the NAPSC would confer any benefit over the standard one. I rather think Naim would sell one if this was the case?

Depends on application - in its usual role powering the logic and switching in Naim preamps, the main benefit comes from separating the ‘digital’ circuitry from the rail(s) powering the preamp circuitry (handling the low level audio signals) so the benefit of the lower noise DR regulation is of less use here. If used for powering a phono amp or headline then there could be more benefit. I reckon you could squeeze a DR module into an NAPSC but i suspect Naim would rather you use a Hi-Cap DR which would be a much better option in the first place.

It could do… one of its applications is powering the Naim Headline…

I think that if DR does trickle down then there may well be a Flatcap DR first…

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Given the benefit some of us found from a Powerline on the PSC, DRing them might have some benefit for a 282.

There’s plenty of room inside a Flatcap for DR, if not in the price.

I had the same idle thought myself a while back - all I can say is I’m quite sure a ‘DR’ psc would prove very worthwhile for preamp control duties!
But staying strictly within forum rules, there is a napsc tweak I can pass on; If you’re using one along with a HiCap on a preamp, try dressing the last metre of psc lead so that it runs close to the 5 pin snaic from the HiCap to the preamp. There’s enough extra lead on the psc to still keep it well away from the rest of the kit which is worthwhile too.

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How close is close Mr. Tibbs?

@Mr.Tibbs And does it also work with a Supercap?

Loosely in contact is what you’re after - touching but not held tightly in contact. A few food bag tie wraps loosely wound in an X formation between the cables is fine if you can’t easily get them to stay together by forming. No reason why it wouldn’t work equally well with a supercap. Don’t expect jaws to drop with this one - a grin maybe :sunglasses:

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I’ll give it a whirl :blush:

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