Idle Sunday thoughts on CB kit

Not sure if this is my collectors slightly autistic tendency coming through, but I love the look of my Nait2 CB. What other CB kit was available? I have looked on a well known auction site but most of that era seems to be ‘olive’. It might be nice to start a collection of CB Naim.

Have a look at the Chrome Bumper thread if you want to know what is out there - everything covered.

I have a CB Nait2 and have, during lockdown, acquired a 32.5/110 and power supply. The 32.5/110 is considered a sweet spot by many.

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Everything was CB, before Olive…!!
Around 1982, when I ‘started’, the range was something like:
Nait (1), 32, 42, 110, 160, 250, SNAPS, NAXO.

But before CB, was the ‘Bolt Together’ (not sure term…?) cases.
The range then went something like:
12, 22, 120, 160, 250, NAPS, NAXO.

Corrections welcome…!!


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Thanks. I feel another expensive ‘hobby’ coming on. :slight_smile:

Also CB 135’s


What became 32.5, 42.5, 62, 90, 110, 135, 160, 250, SNAPS, NAXO and Hi-Cap before they switched to olive in about 1988/89.

But what´s about the Armageddon? Was this launched with olive for the first time?

Is there a 72 missing from that list?

I started on CB with 62, Hi-Cap, 110 and acquired a 32.5 lately just because so many are saying this. I have no regrets. :sunglasses:

To my knowledge and as said in product timeline on Naim website NAC-72 was launched in 1989 with olive


I’m now thinking I’d like a shoebox 62/hicap and full size cb250.

Does that sound like it would work?

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Welcome to Chrome Bumper mania.

I am on the same path, albeit further along. Started with a CB Nait 2. Then compiled a 32.5/hicap/250. Recently acquired a CB 62 with the goal of completing a CB 62/140.

Unfortunately the 72 was never made in CB but the 32.5 is >90% of what you get from the 72, having done extensive A:B listening between restored versions of both.

You just have to be patient. Eventually you will see good examples of classic CB pieces. The CB Nait 2 is hardest to find but you already have that. Second hardest to find seems to be a CB Naxo for going active, but I have shied away from that mainly because of a lack of speaker supplies with which to go active (e.g. “newish” Allaes/SL2s) and fears of SBL setup challenges.

The good stuff can be found with a bit of patience: 32.5/62/hicap/250/135/140. CB 250s in particular seem to come up with some regularity.

The 42/110 is a classic combo. Personally I do not like the 110 as much as the 140 but others swear by it. That said, would I have bought a mint 42.5 (with green LED) and 110 if the right set came along? Yes and I would have enjoyed it. Sometimes the gear chooses you.

A couple of tips I picked up along the way: avoid units with serial numbers below 7500 (including bolt down gear) and don’t go down the 160/Nait 1 rabbit holes. Apparently <7500 and 160/Nait 1s are difficult to service properly (according to the vintage black belts at AV Options).

Apparently there was at least one CB Armageddon and it was discussed by the owner here on the Forum. It looked amazing, but from memory there was speculation it was a one off prototype or something so I would not hold out hope of finding another.

Another tip: the real cost is not just in the gear but also getting it serviced properly. Budgeting for service is essential, and I would emphasize that getting a lower end system like a 62/140 and having it serviced properly will be more rewarding than a 32.5/hicap/250 that is on its last legs. It’s fool’s gold to get the most “box” you can afford without getting it serviced.

Finally, be prepared for a shock when you discover how good this stuff is.


Absolutely that would work. 32.5 is the more traditional preamp to use with a hicap and 250 but whatever. If you find the right 62 grab it and don’t look back.

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Thanks. That’s a lot of good info to help this beginner.

Yes, 72 is Olive only, and it was the direct replacement for 32.5

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Following my recent re-awakening to the Naim experience I seem to becoming a little obsessive. If the now unused 112/150/fc2 sells, and then I sell the Nait 5i, it leaves me with the Nait2 in to the bedroom and then the ‘new’ cb set up in to the study and the Kans.

My post was specifically a ‘snapshot’ at around 1982. I do not think the 135’s existed then - not sure…

The 72 is a Olive only production - and as has been said, effectively an improved 32.5.

The ‘.5’ range I think is around 1985. I had my 42 converted to 42.5 - complete new motherboard. That’s when the HICAP first appeared, I believe. All these are still CB.


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Usually referred to as bolt down.

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Thanks. I nearly put that, but it didn’t seem right… Dur…!!

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Armageddon first appears in a 1993 price list (not 1995, as stated on the Naim website… unless there was some delay in its launch?), so Olive.

However, as snarfy says, a forum member has a CB Armageddon.