Idle thoughts about system planning

I am all spent up for the time being - and won’t swing any Hi-Fi spending past the management for a while so these are merely idle thoughts…

282/300 vs 252/250 - CD555 as source, Kudos C10s

I’d be tempted to got with the 282/30 iif you have a Supercap for 282 . The 300 is a really special bit of kit. Sets you up for a 252 at a later date too.

I auditioned a Supercap but actually found it didn’t offer much over the 2 HCDRs I have now. I think the DR on the Hicaps facilitates a quality power supply that narrows the gap to the SC to the point where - unless I am planning a 252 - I am happy to stick with the 2x HCDRs on the 282.

But you cut down on box count with a Supercap and it means you only need to buy 1 Powerline to optimise it. :wink::grinning:

And it would look neater on the rack :rofl::rofl:

I have a 282/SCDR/250DR and I would definitely go for 300DR before 252, but mostly because I have speakers that are difficult to drive and like lots of current. I also heard a 300DR at my dealer in a system with 282/HCDR/NDX2/XPSDR and that 300DR sounded amazing.

Svetty, with your posts, I presume you have the 282, 2 x Hicap DR and 250 (non-DR or DR).

It will all depend on where you want to end up in the future. Since you have auditioned the Supercap (not sure if it’s a DR) with your 282 and found little difference compared to 2 Hicap DR, it looks like there is only 1 route for you which is the NAP 300 DR. If you go with the 252, you would need the Supercap DR and all your 282 and 2 nos. of HCDR will be gone.

Like JosquinDesPrez, similarly I would also go with the 300DR first if given a choice since there are already users who went from 282/HicapDR/250DR to 282/HicapDR/300DR and found a major uplift in sound quality with the speakers sounding several times larger. In other words, it’s likely a definite upgrade going from the 250DR to 300DR although it may depend on the speakers as well.

The 252/SupercapDR may come later if there’s a need…

Having worked my way up to a 500 series in amp and CD player, never been disappointed in taking the next step.
Also, it depends how much you value music in your life. I had an interesting conversation at my local dealer when the Statement amp was demoed. “How do you pitch price/performance in your products as you ascend the hierarchy? A more expensive item sounding better than a cheaper one” The basic answer was “that’s a trade secret”!

A practical consideration is that I’d need a new rack to accommodate the 2 boxes of the 300.
This is both a pain and an opportunity - I do quite fancy the Simrak from Peter :grinning:

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