IEC Connector Superuniti and Powerline

Hi Guys

I have just recently moved my Superuniti from Storage to my place in France.

When i was setting stuff up again i noticed some blistering on the Powerline IEC Connector when i looked at the IEC Male end in the Superuniti i found one of the phase pins eroded by i assume poor connection. It has obviously been doing this over a period of time the Superuniti is 8 Years old as is the Powerline. Question is it possible to replace the Powerline Female End and i assume Service can replace the IEC in the Superuniti?
Anyone have an idea of cost?

I’m sure Naim could fix the damaged parts easily enough, although I have no idea what they would charge. I would check, as you might fall foul of the fixed price servicing policy and end up with a fully refurbed Superuniti at a higher price than you had bargained for.
I’m curious as to how this damage happened, as the Powerline IEC is designed to grip very tightly to ensure a good connection.

Thanks Chris

Maybe i should call them as you said i might end up with another Superuniti

Not sure how it happened either but sad and glad i found out

At a guess it was possibly caused by the Powerline not being fully pushed in onto the pins and was arcing? Either way, Naim should be able to fix both. Best to contact your dealer.

Hi Richard

Dealer in Dubai Superuniti in France i guess UK best option

Not sure about the powerline but could be the cause?


OK, then best mail the factory service dept.

Thanks Richard will do

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