If a product has to go back to the retailer because it's faulty, should they pick up the courier fee?

Absolutely. I used them very recently and the vans are all over the place. I find them very good.

I agree, I used to use them regularly. So I was a bit annoyed when they stopped shipping to the UK. They still seem to ship to all other destinations they offered before. Interesting if they also ship to those from the UK?

That depends which country you are referring to. I’ve just checked and it’s fine to send a parcel to France for example.

Netherlands for example, that’s where I would send from.

Yes, that’s all fine.

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Strange that they offer it one way, but not the other…

Now we have left the U.K. we are not allowed to enjoy exotic European goods. We must all dress in sackcloth and eat turnips.


Ive had a small parcel come NL-UK this week without issue via Dutch postal service and UK Royal Mail/ParcelForce.

DO NOT USE DPD they “lost” my Naim Unitilite and I had 3 months of hell trying to recoup my money, absolutely hell to deal with.

Actually I was referring to statutory rights under the UK’s Consumer Rights Act.

Guarantees and warranties are in addition to any statutory rights.

When my first Nova went up in smoke I had to return it to the supplying retailer which is in London, I live in Bristol but Naim wouldn’t let me take it to my local retailer or indeed take it to Salisbury which is closer. I ended up driving to London to swap the Nova for a new one, this was at my cost even though the Nova was obviously faulty.
I don’t trust couriers at all, see my above post!

Yes… we have FedEx, UPS, DHL - and Royal Mail and Parcelforce - and Hermes… :slightly_smiling_face:

There are prbavly more…

What…?? Naim wouldn’t let you…??? Really…??? :thinking:

It’s a bit much to extrapolate one bad experience to all couriers. I’ve posted countless bits of hifi using couriers, including to Hong Kong, Poland and Norway without any issues whatsoever. I’ve received more bits of hifi than I care to remember and never had a problem with any of them. DPD have always been excellent. Good tracking and nice friendly drivers, I can’t fault them.

Yes, I was contacted by Naim after I spoke to someone in the warranty department, they were quite excited to have a “smoker” back to look at (their words) and said it had to be returned to the supplying dealer or couriered to them at my cost, only had the Nova 2 days!
I explained the situation but they were insistent.

That - IMHO - is rather poor. Hope Naim ( @Naim.Marketing) explain why this was the case…?
Maybe something to do with it only being 2 days old…? It now makes more sense, to me, that the supplying dealer should have to resolve this.

I speak as I find, fair enough things go wrong but it took me 3 months of wrangling to get my money back, they even inferred I had somehow scammed them?
Customer service was appalling.

This is DPD you are talking about, here…? Yes…?

Yes, wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole, it’s all good until you have to claim against them.

Almost any large, similar organisation, I think.

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