If ever I read a story symbolising poetic justice

Poetic Justice I feel

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Certainly ecologically sound. This is how the food chain is supposed to work. And what the lions excrete will continue the natural process.

Yes indeed, poetic justice. Its a pity it was some poor guy tempted into it by the promise of enough money to feed his family for a while as most of these local poachers are. Its even more of a pity they can’t round up the syndicate bosses in Vietnam & China & not forgetting the local gang bosses & then leave them in the park.
But this is far away from the first time. Reports of poachers getting killed is quite common, its also common for a few guys to get into any of the many wild/game reserves in SA to kill a few buck for meat. Getting back to this news item, leave anything dead around & it will invariably get eaten, lion are not necessarily, in fact are more than likely not the first at a kill, hyena are invariably the first to show.

It might be justice, but he had a family to feed just like most of us, it’s a pity it wasn’t the scum who continue to profit from poaching in the first place.

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