If Naim were still making SL2/ n-sub, what price would they be?

If Naim were still making SL2 / n-sub, what price would it likely be selling at currently ?

My guess is somewhere around the £20k mark but maybe I’m just deluding myself ?


On a CPI basis SL/2s @£5K in 2004 = £9K in 2023

Guessing RRP now would be > 2x this :neutral_face:

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DBLs including passive crossovers were 14400 in 2005. 25-26000 today or more?

I would say about the same price as the new LP12 £ 50000


You would need to add a few curves first for that to be the case :joy:

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When I first heard @HungryHalibut ’s SL2s a few years ago, I remember saying “If you ever decide to sell these, please call me first”. And I said it again to him the next time I heard them.

Forward a couple of years and it all came to pass. They are excellent and I love them. Thank you HH!

However, one of my kittens discovered the hard way that you can’t jump and land on the foam without it falling off. Just the once and no harm done. Fortunately I didn’t actually see it happen, so I avoided that heart attack moment.




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Well today I went and heard the KEF Blade 2 (the slightly smaller ones) which retail around €26k apparently.

It’s always hard to know what one is hearing the speakers or
the amp : Rega Osiris
Streaming pre : NSC 222
Turntable : Rega P10/aura

And the Blades did some things excellently the bass was beautiful just the right amount of feel, no bloat or one note bass.

Soundstage if anything was a bit wide on some blue note jazz but toe in etc would probably sort that out.

However when I came home and listened to my trusty old SL2s / n-sub although I could hear what they were not doing what the KEFs did I could also hear what the KEF and sources were not doing also. Hard to describe, more punch perhaps more life, I HATE the old chessnut but my toes are tapping more at home that they did at the demo using the same music. Certainly I’d take some of what the KEFs gave, scale and bass but drums overall are more vibrant and energetic on my system and it’s simply more engaging.

Great to have the opportunity to hear more of and about KEF and Rega and thanks for HiFi Hut in Dublin and Lyric hifi in Belfast for hosting this.

Putting an order in for this on the strength of the demo.


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