If the 552 adds to sound quality

then would having two even better? Surely someone has tried this.

The 552 routes the signal via its power supply to the power amp. You could not do this with 2. Your proposal of 2 would not work.

Can’t you do tape out from one to the next? Or even AV bypass?

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Add extra power supply and extra poweramp. Naim already did this with the 135’s which essentially is two 250’s with the leftover bits removed.

552 does not “add” it gets out of the way.

But I like the idea of stacking 552’s… reminds me of “Mana” effect. How many 552’s will it take to reach nirvana? 10, 12, 47?


They are already split into left and right channels, so adding an extra 552 down the line, would only make thinks worse and pointless
But possible using lower pre amps in the range and then using just one for the left channel and the other for the right might be better due to separation etc, but then you will have volume matching problems just for starters

There’s nothing after the source that can add the the signal

Which is why I spent my cash on source instead of a 552

Absolutely. I just place one 552 on top of the other. Make sure the second one is not plugged in. It really grounds the sound but adds a fractal effect.

Whatever you’re drinking, please get Scotty to beam some over 😵‍💫


Well why not! When I once saw Status Quo they had a whole stack of Vox AC30s!

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Exactly. And for a negligible extra Naim will build you one with an 11 on the volume scale…

Oh, hang on, it’s the 1st of October….


Sensory pleasure is one of the hinderances to enlightenment. According to Buddha, if you enjoy your 552 then you’re attached to the physical form and will continue the cycle of suffering through rebirth. To achieve liberation one must have the exact number of 552s where the desire to listen to music and desire to not listen to music are both permanently absent.

Based on this forum, the answer appears to be 0 or >1.


I am not seeing what the point is, why would you have one 552 per channel?

What are you looking to achieve?

Back in the olden times when NDS reigned supreme, the question was “Would an NDS as a streamer connected to a second NDS sound better than a single NDS?” Not sure anybody had the 2 NDS & 4 555 required for the comparison.

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The idea was to use the streamer of one NDS via SPDIF into the DAC of the other for better decoupling. Not sure how that compares to routing the signal through a preamp twice.

A 555 requires a certain degree of Vairagya :pray:


A topic of discussion on many forums is the need for a preamp with many modern streamers with built in volume control. Most people feel a pre amp “adds” something positive to sound quality.

My 101 intuitive understanding is better preamps remove less than inferior models. Nothing downstream from the source is capable of improving the original signal. But the use of term “add” suggests the opposite so it’s possible two 552s might have an additive impact.

A more interesting example is “would a 552 into a Statement pre sound better/worse/same vs the 552 alone?”

To use two preamps you need two mono preamps, like the very affordable Lamm L1.

Enjoy Peter

Just buy a Statement.



But maybe a NAC S1 into another NAC S1 sounds better than just one?