If you're considering buying an ND5XS2

… then my best advice is to obey Nike’s suggestion. Just do it.:blush:

The new box has had it’s 3-day cook and I fear I may never leave the sofa again.

Compared to the ND5SX/Tidal combo, the ND5SX2/Qobuz is a whole new level. The detail is astonishing. Stuff that just wasn’t there before - Phil Collins’ snare rim taps in Brand X’s “Rhesus Perplexus”… the sound of Maggie Roger’s tongue seperating from her palate as she sings in “Color Song”… clear choral accompaniment with separation between the voices with Sandy Denny in “Fotheringay”, whereas before it had just been vague… and so on.

Previously, I was listening to a musical presentation taking place in front of me. Good, but still with the feeling that it could be better.

Now, especially with well-recorded acoustic material - Earl Klugh Trio, for instance, I feel like I’m actually inside the music. Nice.

Yundi’s Beethoven piano sonatas - he’s in the room.

And all with no loss of foot-tapping pace, rhythm and timing.

The pairing even manages to make Jimmy Pages’ remixes of most of Led Zep’s back catalogue at least listenable, although there’s just no rescuing “HOTH” or “Physical Graffiti”, a crime for which he should be concreted into Robbie Williams’ sub-basement.


Nice to hear things are working out for you! I’m also clearly a fan. Hate to break it to you, but it gets even better after a month or so. :slight_smile:

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That’s good to hear, cuz I am expecting to add one to the system when I want to give my NDS the new digital tech to work with.
Glad it’s made such a positive difference to your sound.


What MM said, but longer! I was in an odd situation where i was in the UK for 2 weeks, picked up ours (TomTom) and over 10 days really smoothed out. Then i was travelling for 3 months before i heard it a gain, and it had still improved further. So id say it’ll improve over many months.

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ND5 XS2/NAIT XS2 was my last Naim source/amp combo. It was the one that made my Ovator S-400s finally sound balanced and pleasant in my room.

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Great to hear (sic) and I love that feeling of listening to all your music again with new ears.

I’m waiting for one too but I may be slightly disappointed since my dealer has given me an NDX2 in the interim until it is delivered so I am bracing myself but hope I will be surprised.


Naughty Robbie…


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