Ifi ac purifier

Hi anybody used one of these suckers???

Same effect for a fraction of the price

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Indeed it squashes the sound of the system…

A friend bought one to try on his Linn Klimax DSM & he didn’t detect any difference. I borrowed it & also could not detect anything. It eventually ended up on a NDS/252/300 & that was an improvement, but I have to add that I did not hear that test, its the opinion of the NDS owner only.
I came to the opinion that if its used on a good power supply, it probably doesn’t do much that is audibly detectable. My logic is that my own power supply is already very clean, the Linn DSM has an internal purpose made SMPS & that I suspect cleans the DSM’s internal power & the guy with the NDS system lives out in the sticks at the end of the power line & I know its not the best.

Basically, these devices are not intended to be used on amplifiers, because the increase in impedance constrains dynamics. They do work, though, well on source components

How can it constrain impedance it plugs in remotely and sits on the ring - it does not interrupt the power cord in anyway. The device sits on the rail looks at the noise generated and creates a reverse signal to nullify noise…which is put back into rail…

@DaveS DaveS, the device you’re referring to is a “common” mains conditioner. The “Ifi ac purifier” is quite different and can be used on a power strip to which an amp is connected to.

Ok bit the bullet and tried one … disappointed…it seemed to negatively effect the sound stage and the bass seemed odd. On the plus side I think treble was slightly more refined. Overall it’s a thumbs down. I think possibly it could be the NAP500 as this is a balanced amp… a bit like the noise cancelling circuit…there could be some strange interactions…maybe. I therefore think it may be worth trying it with a nap250 or the like…anyway it’s going back.

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