IFi Audio and Apple connection issues

I realise this isn’t Naim related but thought I would reach out to the hive mind to see if anyone had a solution…so, for mobile audio I use an IfI Hip-Dac2 (which is an outstanding piece of kit) hooked up to my iPhone 13 (running IOS16.3). Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed the hip-dac would just suddenly lose connection, turning it off and on again (that old trick) normally solved the problem. However in the last few days even this has stopped working. The DAC connects for a few seconds and then drops out and steadfastly refuses to reconnect. I also get a message saying “This iPhone does not support this accessory”. I also tried connecting to an iPhone 8 (running IOS 16.2), an iPad and a MacBook - all with no luck. Finally I tried it on my work Windows laptop and had no problems at all…so it’s clearly an issue with connecting to IOS enabled hardware. I raised a ticket with IFI Audio tech support and they advised that as the issue appears to be with the third party operating system there wasn’t anything they could do.
So, does anyone have any ideas about how to resolve this (which doesn’t involve ditching all my Apple devices)?

Not sure if it behaves the same but I’ve had iFi iDSD DAC’s in the past and they needed to be powered on before connecting to the phone, otherwise the phone tries to power the DAC from it’s own battery and can’t and pops up that error message.
It may be possible it’s a security setting related to iOS as well, if you connect a new or untrusted device it should ask you to trust that device, does it do this?

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try having it powered on before connecting. I got the DAC in June and it worked perfectly up until a few weeks ago.

Edit: just tried powering up before connecting to the phone…no joy :frowning:

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Are you using the Apple Lightning to USB CCK cable btw>

Yep, that’s the cable I’ve got.
Just done a chat with Apple Support and they couldn’t figure it out so the next step is to take it in to an Apple Store and get them to have a look….the saga continues.
It’s very frustrating because the Hip-Dac absolutely transforms the sound from the iPhone

There is a Hi Res audio setting on the phone, might be worth toggling that on and off and see if it redetects the DAC.
Frustrating though, hope you manage to resolve it, I always found my iDSD very good.

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I have the same iFi dac, and I agree that they are fantastic sounding.

I’ve always had problems. I need to go through a certain routine (although I’m now calling it a ritual), of turning all the apps on the iPhone off, then plugging in the iFi, opening Qobuz, turning the iFi on and then play some music. If that doesn’t work then I just have to repeat. If you ever find a solution then please let me know too as this continuous ritual frustrates the heck out of me.

Sometime I have to repeat this three or four times!

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A least it’s not just me then!
Have a Genius Bar appointment with Apple on Friday, I’ll let you know if they have a solution

Turns out it was a faulty USB camera adaptor cable. Apple replaced it under warranty and we’re back in action!

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Friday, happy ending, music on!

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