iFi Zen Stream into an nDAC

I am thinking of dipping my toe into the world of streaming, probably will go for Qobuz as a service. but hardware wise might go for the iFi Zen Stream into my Naim nDAC

Has anyone here tried this combo?


Probably few have tried that combo. But quite a number of us use the Ifi Zen Stream into DACs of that sort of level or higher. It’s a very handy and easy to use bit of kit. I run mine into a Luxman DAC at the same sort of price point or a bit higher. Really cracking little thing.

The bundled PSU is trash though. Best to get one of the proper Ifi PSUs or anything else after market in the right voltage range.


Yep I have a Zen Stream into an nDAC via SPDIF. Sounds and works great.

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