Im too old for this, what are you too old for?

200 miles in mid wales yesterday, my knees and wrists fubar


Drink more than 3 pints is a no-no. Up to 3 is fine and I won’t suffer the next day.


Sadly discovering new things in that category as time goes by!


Carrying a sc dr and a nac 42 in the same suitcase. My backs been giving me gyp since.


“Drink more than 3 pints is a no-no. Up to 3 is fine and I won’t suffer the next day”

With a moniker like yours, I’m hoping you’re referring to Beer and not Single Malt!

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Carrying a NAP or SC up and down stairs!

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I usually drink one pint of beer per day, preferably around the 4% mark :slight_smile:


I’m too old for thinking I’ve still got half my life to come … it is completely unrealistic, and would be a world record! One third might just be possible - I just wish I could count on it, but I am increasingly aware that there is no certainty.


The line of candles already burnt has become longer than than the candles waiting to be lit, but they ARE waiting to be lit. :slight_smile:


A utv ride in Aruba down a trail a goat wouldn’t go down.

Thought I’d let my imagination run riot here. In no particular order :-

1 Scoring the winning goal for Norwich at Carrow Road in the Champions League semi-final.

2 Showing Sir Lewis Hamilton how you really drive an F1 car.

3 Showing Eric Clapton how you really play a guitar.

Now, if I didn’t need to mow the lawns & wash the car tomorrow…

I feel ur pain.
Had to get rid of the CBR600 for same reasons. But could never be without a bike, so changed to a Triumph trident 660 with a more sensible riding position.
Happy days😁.
On another note, definitely too old for the house repairs/ maintenance. Takes forever to fix something that’s only a 10 minute job!!


I used to go out clubbing in Uni. Typical fare. Place opens at 11pm. People go home at 7am.

I was only 21 when I suddenly had and urge to get outside into fresh air at just 1am.

I was yawning. Tired. Wanted a cup of tea and to read a book and nod off. I remember thinking, WTF! I’m too old for this s%%%.

A year later I was too old for cargo pants too.

Here’s the kicker; those years after you realise you’re too old to stay up all night are nothing compared to the years where you think the same thing but kids have arrived and you’re up all night again… now against your will for years on end.


If only I could give that two likes, one for each kid!

Although I still climb I feel that I’m now too old for this type of high level alpine stuff. Mind you my heart still says go and do it!

This is one climb that my good climbing buddy and I would love to do, but alas we both reckon we have missed our chance. Well, also as we get older we can’t be bothered with the type of effort and suffering required for such an outing!

But there again….


Too old for lugging a pair of Sonus faber Sonetto 3s up two flights of stairs while still recovering from covid.



Scuba diving. A great hobby but the risk is inverse to age, sadly. On the plus side, money not spent on dive kit is redirected to Naim and co. !

My back is now struggling with the geometry of my pride and joy…


If suffering, I would raise the stem up for time being.

Not sure of stem length but you could go next size down or you can get stems that have a degree % rise. But before doing so it might be worth getting a bike fit from a recommended bike shop in your area.

Age is no barrier to cycling we have several members in the Bristol Road Club still cycling who are in their mid seventies.