Im too old for this, what are you too old for?

I wonder if it’s the opposite sometimes. We’re just missing threads on “the best slippers”, “pipe tobacco stains and dentures” and “data gathering; how to spy on your neighbours”… :joy:


You’ve probably just given someone ideas for new threads. :rofl::rofl:

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Give it time…….

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I went to cousin Barb’s funeral last week.
My and Barb’s mum were two of 14 siblings born into the yards at Harwich.
I don’t suppose they all survived but I can remember several dour and severe men,who like my father had returned from the war. The aunties like Scrodger and Polly were universally kind and generous with what they had.
Sad to relate I seem to be the only member from that side of my family’s generation that can stand on two legs and follow a thought to its logical conclusion.
So literally I am too old for this.
Mum lasted till 92 so hopefully I have a couple of genetic summers tucked up my sleeve.:pray::pray:


Yes, we lost the last of Mum and Dad’s generation at about the same time as Her Majesty , the two together gave me pause for thought . Also I have started losing cousins to the C word and one has Alzheimers (final stages) His wife doesn’t want his Naim amp and CD player…

I used to swim for two hours at a stretch but my shoulders now hurt , my knee will need replacing and as for my prostate …

As our vicar used to say ‘‘growing old ain’t for wimps’’


Went to buy a TVR Griffith in April.
Fabulous to drive, just hard to get in to and impossible to get out of. :disappointed:

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Yep I struggled get in and fell out. :grin:

I’m on my second one of those.
A lot more luxury and almost as fast, just not as Growly :joy:

Ditto; Seems like only yesterday :man_shrugging:t2:

I find my wife’s Discovery 4 the easiest car to get in and out. It’s at just the right height that I put no load on the knees/lower back. Practically a ‘walk-in’ car for me. Not quite a TVR or Ferrari though!

I tried sitting in a Jaguar F-type at Goodwood once - being a very modern car the sills seemed high so once you were in, which was relatively easy to do, getting out required more gymnastics.

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I had a new Alfa sedan recently that wasn’t that easy to get into/out of, think it’s just us old blokes refusing to come to terms with growing old. :grin:

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I’m not even 60 yet and things are becoming more challenging daily…

Lol. The only reason I keep a Lotus, is the exercise of getting in and out keeps me supple.


You guys need to keep up with your daily Yoga :sunglasses:


We currently have a 4x4 ute, it’s the opposite I struggle to get up into that too. Thankfully it goes this weekend and a more suitable replacement will make it both easier and more graceful getting in and out.


I’m off milk products. :rofl::rofl:


Watching rugby and thinking I could do that :slightly_smiling_face:


So true. So very, very true. I’ve been doing that for about 5 years now.
Not that I’m antisocial it’s just that I like my own company.

I’ve felt like that since my early 30s !