Impact Battery Wall supply on HiFi

Christ James, it’s waaaayyyy better than Bl___y Roon.

Roon is losing the plot, badly, this year.
It keeps releasing Roon Core updates and Roon Ready updates for our mesic server and Roon end point respectively that cause the system to stop. The Roon Core disappears off the map, never to be found.

I’ve found 2 solutions:

  1. play music using the Squeezebox / Squeezebox Lite / SqueezePad family. Far more stable and even sounds marginally better than Roon.
  2. uninstall Roon Core and Roon Ready from all the hardware, then reinstall both from scratch and go through the tedious faff of re-entering all the passwords for Roon, Tidal, Qobuz etc. that we forgot 2 years ago, then rescan the music library before resuming normal service.

In all honestly, I’m on the verge of cancelling the Roon subscription and using something that’s more reliable than VW’s car software, i.e. the Squeezebox software suite.

Oh, hang on, why bother? Why not just sell the streamer and stick with the Vertere turntable which makes music sound so very much better…

Best regards, BF

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Sorry to hear that BF. All works perfectly here. I hope the Tesla PW is problem free :crossed_fingers:

Thanks James, the Powerwall & Gateway are wonderful. Really pleased with them.

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Yes the last few months since they switched to more regular updates have caused no end of issues. Not lost my ability to use it, it’s just been a little more buggy. As a previous user of LMS I just can’t go back it’s just to clunky and has its own set of issues, but it’s free.

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PW2 leadtime is just over 13 months to the UK. Had to slum it with the GivEnergy battery and inverter/gateway thingy.
Im hoping it and the microinverters on the panels are not noisey.

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