Impedance spec Atom HP output

I can’t find any info. Now that the HE is out, I can’t find anything on Atom. I have the speaker Atom. I want to know what the output impedance of the headphone jack on the regular Atom.

Also… Can anyone give me any info on the headphone section in general. NAIM says it is same from their amps… What does that mean? Can anyone tell me how the HP section compares to the HE version.

I am using Focal Utopias with black dragon cable.

Thank you.

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Anyone have any info on the Atom HP section?

The Uniti Atom has an identical 4.7-ohm output impedance from each of the headphone outputs,

From the review on headphonia dot com

I determined the output impedance to be 5.3 ohms. Naim says 4.7 ohms. I’m guessing that’s the value of the inline resistance, to which the inherent impedance of the amplifier output is added.

Review on Addicted to Audio dot com

Have you thought of asking your dealer? Have you thought of emailing Naim? It doesn’t seem as though anyone here knows the answer to your questions.

I seem to remember that the differences were discussed in the HE announcement thread but can’t be bothered to search that as well …

Well, the Speaker Atom only has one headphone out… Which seems like you are talking about the headphone edition… For which there is ame info. Which is the problem I said originally.

I thought that was the point of this forum… NAIM support. If I need to email NAIM I guess I will.

Apologies, I got confused and searched for the HE. Maybe if you exclude the HE by adding -“headphone edition” to the search terms on Google

Else I’d suggest an email to support@

That’s the point… Googling anything, regardless of terms, brings up nothing but the HE version. I do know how to Google.

There’s a Stereophile review of the Nova, saying

The headphone output impedance was extremely low, at 0.5 ohms at all audio frequencies.

I’d be surprised it the Atom was much different. I’m actually finding normal Atom reviews by excluding the headphone edition as described above, I suppose someone may have measured it

That’s absolutely not the point of the Forum. It’s for discussion for sure, but it’s not a helpdesk where one can join and demand answers. That role falls to your dealer. We are simply music lovers, most of whom happen to own, or have owned Naim. It’s all about friendly mutual support and if you approach it in that way there is a far greater chance of a successful outcome. Your dealer and Naim themselves are paid to provide advice and support. We are not.


Demand answers… WTF?

You mean like ask a simple question, to fellow Naim owners, and get scolded to Google…

Awesome. Thanks for all the friendly support. Super appriciate it. Youre’ the BEST! GO TEAM!

From the Forum rules:

‘Feel free to contribute, but remember that the best place for definitive advice on Naim hi-fi or for product support is from your Naim dealer or Naim HQ!’

I remember a Simpson’s episode where Homer was required to so some work and asked “can’t somebody else do it?” :wink:

And yet I’m not talking about the Nova am I?

I know a good read on search engines… You start by being specific in your search query.

I read a hundred reviews before I bought it. I’ve read all the reviews from Stereophile. One on the Atom no measurements, one on the HE… At least I know it’s 1.5 W output. In fact I went through all their reviews to 2010 when looking at options. But if you have a link to the article you referenced, I would certainly like to read it.

I never asked you to do reaserch for me. I asked if anyone knew, you don’t. You just gave the usual… Google. I have. Then I came here. Thank you.

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I didn’t ask anybody to do a thing for me. I asked if any one knew. You don’t. Thanks for playing.

Whatever then. You know how to google so just copy the quote that I provided into Google and you will find the article. (Linking it is probably against forum rules)

Yes, I have already acknowledged your suggestion. I read the rules… It’s required you know.

It’s a really simple question. It’s OK to just say you don’t know… Or not even post like many other readers that didn’t feel the need to not answer.