Import duties audio gear, UK to US?

Hi all,

Does anyone know the typical import duty for purchased new audio gear coming from UK to US? Thanks!

I cant answer your question directly, but the US government will produce listings of all types of goods imported into the USA and the duty payable. The commodity code (an international code) for music reproduction equipment begins with 85 19 followed by six further digits depending on the exact type of equipment under consideration. Remember to add freight, insurance and local sales tax and to remove UK V.A.T (currently 20%)
Given the strong USD and the very weak GBP I am sure importing directly will be to your advantage!!

Bear in mind that the UK is 230V 50hz whereas the US is 115V 60Hz. Any 230V Naim kit will need to be converted to 115V. This should be done by a proper Naim servicer. Also note that for any new kit purchased abroad you will have no local warranty.

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