Imported Music Shows Aphabetically... Help Please!


I am using a Melco N10 Server and a D100 Ripper. Everything thats ripped shows perfectly. I can edit all of the tags and everything is represented correctly. I bought some music from Qobuz (Recently) and another download site (Years Old) and when I dragged them onto the Melco they show in the name app organised alphabetically! I have done this previously and everything was fine. I have checked the tags in 2 different programs and they are all fine. Track listing is as it should be. I can make changes to the tags and they are reprssented as usual after being saved. The display order remains alphabetical on these imported files though.

Any ideas?!!

You may need a metadata program to help sometimes there’s buried or hidden info.

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Thanks @Pete_the_painter, I have run the files through Song Kong and Jaicoz (spelling maybe wrong here!) both programs work really well for all other types of tagging and show the track numbers clearly and they are ordered correctly in both programs. Weird its on downloads only and not on imported CD’s…

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Obviously it’s above my pay grade. I’m sure someone here will be able to help, good luck. :+1:

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What are the file names like for the Qobuz files? Have you edited them at all or have you left them as they were downloaded?
Maybe the Melco is actually sorting on the filenames and there is something in there that it does not like.

@Dave-L thanks for replying, I have not changed the file names, they are numbered as the tracks should be with disc numer first so an example would be 1_1_BAND_SONG_X.WAV

I will have a test and rename one and see if that helps though. Hopefully the tags should overide anything in the file name!

No, made no difference!

Hmmm, so I have narrowed down the problem to the Melco, narrowed it down further to the Twonky Server software! Minim shows it all fine! Weird!

At least I know the issue now and maybe there is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed. I will try Minim first though as its got a better search facility in the Naim app as it uses more metadata.

I’ve just noticed that WAV files from Qobuz don’t have track number meta tags, but FLAC files do. I think that might be what is causing your issues.

@Dave-L I downloaded Flac and then converted to Wav. They have the track numbers preserved (and all other metadata) when I put them into a metadata editor. After trying Minim server on the Melco I prefer Twonky sound wise and Minim had its own issues with splitting up CD’s I had grouped i.e. a double CD live show!

It is an issue with Twonky by the looks of things as they all work correctly in Minim. Bit of a pain as I now have 50+ albums that are all jumpled up!

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