Importing CDs Problems with Unity Core

My Naim dealer has populated for me a new Uniti Core with approx. 850 albums files from my Netgear ReadyNAS Duo2, previously connected to an HDX-SSD.

Unfortunately 80 albums were not transferred and I need advice on the problems I am having in importing these into the Downloads folder of the Uniti Core.

I had success in importing 12 albums via memory stick using Manage Music/Import Music within the Core settings. Now I cannot import any further albums as when I use the import setting, I just get a rotating dial ie in progress sign.

I have copied 4 albums into the Core’s Downloads file through file manager, using the Core’s IP address but this has now stopped working too.

All music files are copied from the previous NAS drive and contain the information required as detailed in the Naim Uniti Core instructions. I have tried copying a folder with the album as a subfolder of Artist and also just the album by itself.

I have reset the core by pulling out the power plug and restarted and also have rebuilt the music database as found in “Other Settings”

Can anyone help with this please
Thank you

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