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I’m struggling to import a purchased WAV file into my Unity Core and should be grateful for some advice. I’ve tried three separate methods as follows. Neither work.

  1. From the Naim App I’ve gone to Core/Settings/manage music/import music. At that point I receive a message 'No drives found" and none are shown for me to select. I expected to see other drives on the same network e.g. my Mac downloads folder.
  2. From my Mac Ive gone to Network/Uniti Core/Music and tried to drag the WAV file into that. The action is not allowed.
  3. From my Mac Ive gone to Network/Uniti Core/Downloads and tried to drag the WAV file into that. The drag worked but subsequently the file is not shown in the app so I cannot find the music to play.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.


A sure way to do this is to put the WAV on a USB flash drive, plug it into the UnitiCore and then import the file using Import Music in the Naim app.

I suggest you put the file in a folder called “artist name whatever that is”, but you could call it anything, and import that folder.

The Core will put it in the download folder. It may take 5 minutes to appear in the app.

You will need a album cover jpg file called folder.jpg in the folder with the WAV and that file should be no bigger than 1000x1000 pixels. If you bought the WAV online it probably came with an album cover file, but it probably won’t be called folder.jpg and will be much too large, in which case it won’t display.

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[Network/Uniti Core/Downloads
quote=“Animal3944, post:1, topic:26122”]

Network/Uniti Core/Downloads is the right place. Normally using a directory for artist name and then a sub directory in that for album name. Also place a jpg image in the album folder for the cover art. the image file should be called folder.jpg

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Brilliant. Thank you. I tried both methods ( upload onto a stick and the use of the network drive). The latter was by far the easiest and quickest but David’s point about the image file size is important. So for future ref, this is what i did.

  1. Created a folder for the artist in Network/Uniti Core/Downloads
  2. Created a sub folder for the album title
  3. Dropped in the WAV files
  4. Reduced the album image file to 900x900 pixels, called it folder.jpg. and dropped that into the album folder too.

For me, the great benefit of this is that it facilitates fair pay for musicians. It allows me to purchase music on BandCamp and upload it to the Core in the same way that I would buy a CD from the musician at a gig. So the musicians gets paid a realistic amount for their music and I am able to build up a library of works that are often unavailable on the streamers. :grinning:

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Glad you got it working. I always transfer from my PC directly into the Core downloads folder over the network, but the USB method is just more guaranteed to work.

The max image size is bigger than 1000x1000, but not much bigger and I can never remember what it is. Also Naim don’t seem to publicise it. But anyway 1000x1000 is easy to remember and works.

This never work for me, Mr Hendon.
Album cover art seldom show up in the app. Only skeletons showing.
I find the cover in google. Small pics. Not bigger than 1000 pixels.
I changed the file to cover.jpg. But with no success. A lot of skeletons only. I hope Naim will fix this issues the next upgrade. With my unitiserve it was easy to make the albums cover art.
I reset my router, switch and factory reset the Core.

You have to rename the cover art as folder.jpg

I am pretty sure that cover.jpg used to work with Unitiserve, but it doesn’t work with the UnitiCore. I checked this myself on my UnitiCore only a few weeks ago.

If you rename it as folder.jpg, it’s 1000x1000 pixels or smaller and you place it in the album folder alongside the music files then it really should work every time. Of course it takes the UnitiCore a minute or two to rescan after you make a change.


80% of my cover art is named Cover.jpg (52k+ tracks, I’d say roughly 6000-7000 ripped cd’s) … Works fine on my Uniti Core

Well there you go. Are those imported WAVs or FLACs?

Anyway if it isn’t working for him, changing the filename to what Naim say it should be is probably a good move.

One thing to consider… Artwork found on the internet is not always jpg… It could be bmp gif webp png etc… Some artwork therefore needs converting in a program like paint to jpg (file/save as) and resizing (<1000x1000 pixels should do it but I typically use 600x600)…

This probably looks like stating the obvious, but it never hurts mentioning just in case…

As for files themselves, I tend to prefer Flac to Wav as Flac has way more possibilities for storing Metadata inside the file (artist, track, original album, genre, year of release etc)

The reason I asked is that the Core will use images it finds embedded in FLAC files and that may be where your cover art is coming from, rather than the cover.jpg files which would be disregarded.

Well, when I migrated my entire library to the Naim, I had some albums listed under ‘missing cover art’… Inspection of those folders showed that there was no artwork to be found whatsoever. No cover.jpg and no folder.jpg. Adding a cover.jpg immediately fixed that…

But I still have some 30 odd albums to process to add cover art, so it’s something I will definitely experiment with over the weekend :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the Core but with my Star, sometimes it recognises cover.jpg and sometimes it needs to be changed to folder.jpg to be recognised. I did follow davidhendon’s recommendation in another thread to resize files to 1000x1000 when they weren’t working and that helped in most cases.

The Core and Star share a lot of firmware…

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