Impressions from the closed systems journalists pics

My thread was closed. I don’t know the real reason, apart some complaints addressed to Richard.
I suspect one member particularly, but i may be wrong.

Fortunately, i had the time to post the most of the systems i wanted to post. Not all… I would like just to have the impressions from the members who followed the thread. I hope the comments will be friendly or neutral.
Was it useful, interesting, or with little interest? Have you some questions, comments ? thanks

I enjoyed the pics and found the thread interesting. Sorry to see it closed.

thanks bhoyo. I left the thread 12 hours ago, so i could not read the comments that were made. I have no access to it.

FR, when I have the time I will review the thread. Hopefully i should have back on the forum over the weekend.

thanks Richard. Just the thread related to systems pics please, not the peripheric comments not related to the subject. Thanks

Well i found some of the systems interesting, you never know what you might learn.

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Me too, I don’t want to live in a Hi-Fi bubble, so bring it on…

My goal was essentially to share the hifi online sites i like to read and show how can be the system of these audio journalists. Which components can work with each other, how the installation was made, how is the room …
We are often reading reviews from hifi magazines, but we don’t know often how is the system which is used for the review.
It was just for fun and curiosity, an alternative to our systems pics 2019.

i understand Flachead, but hifi and music is your passion, the reason probably of your presence here.
For myself it takes me a lot of time, but essentially in listening and searching new music.
But i make sports, read, like walking in the nature, and see a lot of cinema films.

Yes, I like other stuff too, cycling, running and the odd beer. Tried photography but don’t seem to have an eye for it.

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I was enjoying the pictures FR. I like the more unusual designs, and the turntables in particular. I find pictures of black boxes boring in the main. But there is usually something of interest in the rooms themselves even if they have boring boxes.

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Yeh I was enjoying it too, the pics I mean but the other nonsense has gone on way past it’s sell by date.

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I missed the whole damn thread, I was saving it for later so I hope it reappears once detoxified.

i would like too. Don’t know if it will be possible to just view it, with all negative threads removed.

opened again, from the beginning. If you want to see.

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