Impressions of the Chord Qutest DAC

well I believe it is. Most quality commercial network components are compliant to very low noise EMF standards, and to help achieve that they use their own low noise internal shielded power supplies.

There are some network products that are designed to be externally DC powered either separately or via PoE - those include their own internal DC to DC power supplies and regulators and so are probably quite resilient on how they are powered.

It is also worth noting most network devices using a single DC power input will be using internal DC converters (DC to DC switched mode power supplies) to create the negative voltage lines required for ethernet.

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Ah - I’m confused now! So are you saying that components such as my BT Smart Hub 2 and EE8 switch, which come with their own SMPS’s will probably be OK with something else as they include internal components that make them resilient to being powered by anything else without issue? I thought that this absolutely wasn’t the case from what you said before. I’m probably misunderstanding something here!

Still without power in West Houston :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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sorry I am a little confused by your post. If the BT Smart Hub device can be powered by any suitable PSU - it will likely say so in the instructions and won’t state you must use the provided PSU or similar then you can use whatever as long as the voltage and socket size is compatible. It is likely if that is the case it has its own protections and decoupling to make it independent from anything having to be in the power supply.

The same goes for the EE8 switch. So read the instructions. If it is not clear check with the supplier that the device can be operated as designed with a third party power supply. If BT / EE state that for the HomeHub it can use any third party PSU then you can use whatever as long as it provides the appropriate voltage and sources the correct current.

Typically the key thing other than voltage and current would be the HF/RF regulation and decoupling on the DC wire.

I was thinking more of commercial grade devices for networks which are usually 48 VDC as that is the effective standard - and the devices will have their own internal power supplies and decoupling to adapt to that voltage.

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Thanks for clarifying Simon. No the BT Hub instructions state that the supplied PSU must be used. Likewise Chord state that the supplied PSU contains filtering and that this forms part of the design of the EE8.

I was confused because in my post 180 I quoted part of your previous post in which you said that unless a device is designed for use with a universal PSU then a third party PSU could put it out of spec. I said:

In your subsequent post you reply:

Sorry if I’m being obtuse but it’s this that makes me think I’ve misunderstood something badly somewhere.

No worries, I was perhaps a little too brief. All ok now?

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I’m in the Katy area. Still drove through neighborhoods today on my way home from work that remain without. Hoping you regain soon!

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