Impressive system and sound with small speakers

Quite surprising that such small speakers can full fill the enormous room as this one.
The amps are VAC, entirely tubes amps. Who will still say that tubes amps sound sirupy and dull or romantic ?

Sounds just like my system with really small ‘speakers (relative to the room volume).

Playing ‘The Wall’ just now. I’d defy anyone listening blindfold to the Tab 10 Sigs in my room to guess their size.



Yeah, but its a sht living room.

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@frenchrooster you’ve posted so many pics of VAC power amps over the years. It’s clear you want them. Go on, you know you want to.


Agreed with the right speaker - room interface the sound can be wonderfully balanced and appear to have all the elements of scale.
I feel the room in the new extension of our holiday home to be light years ahead of our appartment where we live. In that room we have a very simple setup which is surprisingly very satisfying musically speaking. Serviced chrome bumper amps (42, 110) and wharfedale diamond 220s and an old marantz CD 67SE. Works amazingly well

Almost makes me think of selling the main system :rofl:


I love a small speaker, all of these are used almost daily…keeps the other half happy as well


Good point FZ :+1:. I like them very much. But their prices are stratospheric.

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No way of knowing what it really sounds like. However, a very large room, and what looks like acoustic panels, suggests room effects will be pretty minimal so any system has a better chance to give its best, and maybe sound better than a better system in a more normal living room…

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Brilliant new avatar IB, my heart goes out too :+1:t3: Best Peter


Maybe it’s a effect given through YouTube on the sound. Or maybe the sound is specially big for the relative modest speakers in such a room.


I can’t really tell anything verymeaningful about the sound from uTube - it’s limited by the microphone and soundcard/device used to record, any lossy compression if used, any processing it may have had, and my iPad playing it.

By the way, they’re not exactly small speakers, being similar size to my old IMF RSPMs, which most people who saw in the flesh commented as being huge!

Love hi fi porn whenever I chance it, Monsieur FR…

If it’s musical to our ears, it is. Naim will never be everything, as we are all aware. But it is still very much up my listening alley at the fore.

We have all heard some systems out there that are just as musical, if not more [not often but they’re definitely there], and which tick most of the boxes enough for us to consider bringing home. It’s why having two or three different systems at home is a wonderful wonderful solution… :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Sexy system… those Neats too… which finish Sir… Zebrano? Gorgeous. Both eye and ear candy together, a potent combo.

Happy for you, lovely. :+1:

Thanks chap, they are zebrano, found them in the second hand market for a good price, really happy with them.

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Vivid S12’s are still getting better and better they are truly amazing…if you are auditioning a pair please realise they take months to really deliver…in my room they go down to just below 40hz…

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